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Right Stuf’s Final Scene: Crunchyroll’s Take Over

by: Rachel H.

Right Stuf has been THE place for die-hard anime fans since the 80s, and now? We’re supposed to just cheerfully wave it goodbye because Sony and Crunchyroll want to ‘expand their eCommerce capabilities’?

Don’t get me wrong. Consolidation is a part of the business world. But let’s call this what it is: A monopolistic power play. For DECADES, Right Stuf has been a beacon for the anime community. Their diverse collection and commitment to the classics have made them invaluable. But now? Just a blip in Crunchyroll’s quest for global anime dominance.

The press release, talking about “enriching shopping experiences” and “expanding capabilities”. But it all boils down to one thing: less choice for us consumers. Remember the annual holiday sale that Right Stuf had? Oh, wait, there are going to be “some changes” to this year’s sale. How reassuring! I’m sure those changes are only for our benefit and not just another corporate maneuver to cut costs and increase profits.

I’m sure the FAQ is chock-full of lovely corporate lingo, sugarcoating how our beloved Right Stuf accounts will just be swallowed whole by Crunchyroll. I only hope that the series and products that made Right Stuf so special don’t get lost in this ‘ultimate destination for anime-inspired merchandise’.

RIP Right Stuf. You deserved better than this.

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