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Revolutionizing Education: RPGs Take Center Stage at SXSW EDU

by: Michael Low

RPGs are coming to a classroom near you – at least if WE have anything to say about it! Last year, our team of four RPG pros and educators took SXSW EDU by storm; in fact, we were the only group with two presentations – a workshop and a panel – and found the audience of teachers and education professionals to be eager, even hungry for the approach.

Our team consisted of Michael Low of and the co-host of the podcast, who teaches using RPGs and designs RPGs that teach (see Starsworn and Luna Uni); Steph Campbell of, the EN-nie award winning curator of kid-focues RPGs, engineering prof, and game designer of family-friendly games; Chris Hopper, an accessibility expert who’s worked with the best in the business; and Maryanne Cullinan, a classroom teacher and PhD candidate who teaches with and researches games in the classroom.

This year? We’re not just going for ONE panel – try FOUR! But we need the help of the community to get there: the SXSW EDU PanelPicker voting is open until the end of day Sunday, and we need the support of RPG community members to flood the voting and get RPGs into the hands of more educators!



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