Representation in Yuki Yuna being a Hero


Hello everyone, MinaRose2023 here with another Disability in Anime Article. This time I’m talking all about Yuki Yuna being a Hero.

Yuki Yuna is a Hero is a magical girl anime. But in this case, while the girls are saving their world they end up losing parts of themselves. This makes them disabled for some time till they figure out how to get better.

First I’ll start with Mimori Togo. She is disabled when we meet her. She is in a wheelchair and has Amnesia. She joins the Hero’s Club with her best friend Yuna Yuki. The Hero’s club is run by Fu Inubosaki who later has her little sister Itsuki Inubosaki join the Hero’s Club. They do different things around the neighborhood and school to help out. When they get the call to become magical girls they slowly transform and fight the Vertexes.

As they fight they think they’re winning but later when they use their power ups they each lose an ability. Yuna loses her ability to taste, Itsuki her ability to speak thus she’s no longer able to sing, Fu loses the ability to see from her left eye, and Togo loses her hearing from her left ear on top of being in a wheelchair and having amnesia.

Then there’s Karin Miyoshi who joins them later looses her ability with her left arm and her right leg.

It turns out that the girls are being used as sacrifices and they slowly sacrifice their bodies. Those that survive will later be worshiped. But the girls later figure out how to heal. Yuna is the last to heal because she ends up in a wheelchair without the ability to speak till she gets her speaking voice again.

Togo heals and is now pushing Yuna’s wheelchair like Yuna used to push hers. All in all this anime through the power of magical girls shows different disabilities even for a time. I think that’s important cause we still see the girls fight even with the disabilities in place.

Yeah the whole premise is tragic but I think is important to see these things. I remember watching Yuki Yuna is a Hero the first time and loving seeing a disabled magical girl in Togo now I know why this happens but I still think it’s important to see these disabilities represented even if it’s for a dark premise.

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