Primaris orks ?! New ork models possibly happening?

In recent times, many of us have been painfully aware of how It often seems like Games Workshop likes to focuses most of their attention on the human factions of Warhammer 40k while the Xeno armies are seemingly given no love. However, that might just be changing, because today we were all presented with a new ork model, not long following the last two beast snaga ork models. However, its not just Orks, Drukhari have also been given some love lately and let’s not forget what a treat it was for Necron players during Indominus.

New Ork Snagga Boy 2

With these three new releases not to mention the trailer on the Warhammer youtube channel, I for one am fully convinced we will now be entering a time (hopefully not a small one) where us Xeno players finally get some love. For those who know, I myself am a huge ork fan, and when I saw the look of these new models I knew it was heading in a direction I was ready to roll with. One of the biggest issues of ork models of the past was how strange their waste line is, it had such a strong arch. Now however the torso seems much more upright, which also will give models the ability to be more unique in how they angle their Orks. They are described to be bigger than regular boys but not bigger than nobz, Is this Pimaris Orks !?

So what’s for the future? Well, I think much like space marines, orks will be getting a much-needed facelift, maybe even a codex update. The future is exciting, and if GW can make these new changes more accessible and consumer-friendly to us, then the future seems very bright for Xeno players, especially the WAAAAAGH!!!

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