Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Unveiled As Next Entries in Franchise

A whole new region of the Pokemon world is set to be explored for the next generation. It has been announced that upcoming entries Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released later in 2022 based on a new trailer that was shown at the Pokemon Presents.

Before the end of the Pokemon Presents presentation, it was revealed through a new live-action trailer that the latest Pokemon versions Scarlet and Violet will be making their way to Nintendo Switch later during the year. The new video showed a night officer investigating some noises coming from what looks like the Game Freak building in Japan. After opening a bright door, we see a bunch of materials that look like they can be used for an expedition. We also see some footage from the upcoming Pokemon game, showing off the new locales that players will be exploring along with some new starter Pokemon that will join them on their journey.

It seems like this new region is inspired by both Barcelona and Portugal based on the architecture that was shown in the trailer. As fans know, each region in the world of Pokemon takes inspiration from different cities and countries around the globe. Previous versions Sword and Shield reflected on the United Kingdom, so it seems that publisher GameFreak is continuing to explore Europe with the upcoming entries in the Pokemon franchise.

What also seems to stand out is that the game is open-world, combining the open wild with the city life as Pokemon becomes more prominent in both habitats. This is certainly good news for fans who have been clamoring for an open-world Pokemon game, something that’s been fairly shown in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. As shown in the trailer, we can expect this new game to be open-world where a lot of the towns will have no borders as it blends seamlessly into the wilderness. So we can spot any Pokemon in the air, sea, and on the streets.

With new Pokemon games also come new starters to choose from. The trailer displayed three new Pokemon that trainers will pick to join them on their journey. We got grass-type Sprigatito, fire-type Fuecoco, and water-type Quaxly. As with previous entries, each Pokemon will have different abilities that will prove useful in battles. We don’t know what their abilities are yet, but we can expect to hear more about the game in the coming months before its release.

If you missed out on the announcement, check out the video below. Look forward to Generation 9 as Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be making their way to Nintendo Switch later in 2022.

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