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Tiffany Olszower Voices Mi in “I Married a Monster on a Hill”

Voice Actor Tiffany Olszower is now the official voice of Desiree in the upcoming web series “I Married a Monster on a Hill”

About Tiffany Olszower

“In a magical far away land known as Vermont, sits a little cottage surrounded by fields of grass and flowers. That cottage is home to a druid.

Me! Tiffany Olszower! I am a disabled, non-binary voice actor ready to bring your ideas to life!

I have a little nook of my own with a well-treated home studio containing a Rode NT1 mic with pop filter, SSL2 pre-amp, and a 2021 iMac, Currently, I record on Reaper.

This druid is excited to work magical wonders with you! Take a gander at my sample clips and get in touch”

About “I Married a Monster on a Hill”

Bevvy and August Hills live a perfectly normal life together. They are married. They are in love. They are happy in their forest home. But there’s only one catch. August is a monster and Bevvy is their knight. Follow the slice-of-life chaos as Bevvy does his best to keep August and his monster form safe from harm (or causing that harm).

A web-comic only found on WEBTOON! Follow on Twitter, Tik Tok, and Instagram.

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