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PAST PARADOX Interview with John Turiano!

We interviewed John Turiano all about his new book!

1. Tell us about your new Book!


2. What inspired this book?

I had envisioned a book series from the start and this is the final book in the series. I tried to write mostly from the perspective of one main character in each book and with this one I focused on Danielle.

3. How do you start your writing process?

I try to keep a routine. Having a consistent time and place to write seems to work best for me. When I’m in a slump, mixing up the time and location can help. My favorite time to write is early morning, while the world is still asleep.

4. Plans for 2022?

Right now I am taking a break and concentrating on promoting the series. Next up I would like to try a slightly different genre. A psychological thriller with a twist may be in the works.

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