Paradise Review

Artists from around the world use the metaverse as a place to showcase their art. New creators join the space and bring their visions to the virtual world. Today we are going to chat all about the NFT Paradise and review its design. 

Paradise lives on the Foundation App, a beautiful spot to showcase this amazing NFT. 

“We live in our own paradise, no matter what the circumstances around us are, we are what we want in our moment, here where bright colors are formed and the river of love pours white water on our souls.” 

This NFT uses color in a unique way. The use of saturated colors under royal blue is incredible. The royal blue color forms a scale like design on top of the other colors creating a beautiful art piece. The image feels somewhat calm to the eye, giving the viewer a feeling of paradise and relaxation. The meaning is open for interpretation. 

Created by Amrozati, a conceptual artist, this NFT truly connects the viewers to their feelings. Collectors looking to add more abstract pieces to their gallery should consider checking this piece out today. This NFT is truly changing the way the metaverse will operate because it brings a more creative tone to the NFT space. Unlike most NFTs this abstract piece can be viewed by several and interpreted in many different ways. Paradise is something the viewer must define. 

If you are interested in learning more about this NFT be sure to check it out today. You will not regret viewing the saturated colors and design this NFT brings to the metaverse. A beautifully crafted art piece that will inspire many for years. Check it out today: 



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