NYCC 2023: The Team Behind The New Horror Series The Changeling Discuss Working on the Adaptation

Apple TV Plus’ new horror series The Changeling intrigues audiences with the mysteries and fantasy elements brought to life from Victor LaValle’s beloved novel. The author along with the showrunner, executive producers, production designers, and directors visited New York Comic Con to discuss the makings of this fantasy series and what viewers can expect for a potential second season after the shocking events of the season finale. Created by Kelly Marcel, LaValle not only served as a writer and executive producer on the project, but he also did the narration for it. Starring LaKeith Stanfield, the story focuses on a father on a trek across New York in search of his missing wife and child after a horrific event happens. Now that the entire first season is done on the streaming platform, we got to sit down with the creative team to discuss the casting process and what went into making this one-of-a-kind series.

During a press conference, Kelly Marcel and the team discussed the casting process and getting to film their scenes with them on set. “We were very lucky when LaKeith came on after only the pilot had been written. He came on pretty early and he said yes. It was one of those amazing casting experiences where you get a person who is on the top of your wish list and when they read it and say yes and come on as a producer,” Marcel said. LaKeith, who also serves as a producer for The Changeling, was very hands-on in the process of getting the novel transferred from book to television. “He was very much a part of the show. LaKeith was fighting to get this show up. LaKeith’s addition to it helped us.”

Director Jonathan Van Tulleken also touched on getting to work with the cast, adding,  “I think once you got a key to an anchor, with this phenomenal cast, everyone is giving their A-game.” EP David Knoller expressed how well it worked out getting to work with Kelly on the series. “There was this whole other level that Kelly was able to bring in 107, and I was just so enchanted with this ensemble and we were able to use all the actors again in these other incarnations. It just marries so nicely into tying this all together.”

With the first season done, it does leave the doors open for a second outing. However, Kelly isn’t sure how the story would serve these characters again. “If this show continued, how would you use these actors again.”

The Changeling is now streaming on Apple TV Plus.

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