NYCC 2023 Monarch - Legacy of Monsters Panel

NYCC 2023: Monarch – Legacy of Monsters Panel

The MonsterVerse has had quite a success with audiences since the release of Liongate’s Godzilla in 2014. Almost a decade later, fans are still craving for more after getting to see Godzilla and King Kong on the big screen in 2021 as we saw these two monsters clash for the first time. The mysteries of the Titans and the group Monarch continue to fascinate audiences and they will get to learn more about them with the release of the upcoming Apple TV Plus series Monarch: Legacy of Monsters. Fans gathered at New York Comic Con for a screening of the first episode followed by a panel with the writers and producers of the series to tease what’s to come in this gigantic series and beyond.

After the screening of the pilot episode, executive producers Chris Black, Matt Fraction, Tony Tunnell, director Andy Goddard, casting director Ronna Kress, and VFX supervisor Sean Konrad came together for this special panel to discuss their new series based on the popular franchise. Black and Fraction, who are showrunners on the show, talked about bringing the franchise to the small screen as well as creating new characters to unlock the mysteries of Monarch. They said it was a chance for them to build upon the world never before shown in the films. The showrunners added that getting to partner with Toho, the Japanese film studio behind the Godzilla franchise, was a treat being able to expand on the legacy that has been built for over 30 years. Shot in 6-7 months around the world, the team wanted to keep the action and adventure on par with the movies with the special effects, according to Konrad.

Perhaps the biggest casting is with Kurt Russell alongside his son Wyatt Russell as they play the same character in two different timelines. Playing army officer Lee Shaw, the actors matched their mannerisms during the shoot and the crew said they worked together to make sure they were keeping up with the same character. The filmmakers chatted about getting to work with Kurt on developing the character and keeping him authentic to the series. The heart of the story goes to actors Anna Sawai and Ren Watabe, who play half-siblings who are somehow linked to the Monarch and discover their father’s legacy with the mysterious organization. The team mentioned how much of a challenge it was to bridge together the spectacle of the films and the human aspect of the show as the legacy is of the family more than just the monsters.

However, the panel did not forget that Godzilla and Kong are still a huge part of the series. While keeping things grounded with the humans, the huge spectacle is still a part of Monarch. They are working with the film crew on the upcoming film Godzilla X Kong: A New Empire which comes sometime next year. While the series is not out yet, the team does feel confident to continue with a second season if given the opportunity. 

Fans can catch Monarch: Legacy of Monsters on Apple TV Plus when it drops on November 17th.

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