NYCC 2023 Dragon Ball Special Panel Unveils New Anime Series Dragon Ball Daima

NYCC 2023: Dragon Ball Special Panel Unveils New Anime Series Dragon Ball Daima

Attendees of this year’s New York Comic Con were eager to see what’s in store at the Dragon Ball panel as some special announcements were teased. Little did fans know that among the agenda was the unveiling of a brand new anime series led by creator Akira Toriyama. The new series, titled Dragon Ball Daima, is the upcoming series that will function as a follow-up to the popular Dragon Ball Super. The forthcoming anime will be tackling a new storyline where Goku and his friends are on a brand new adventure. After what was shown at the panel, fans are curious to see what exactly Akira and his team have in store for our heroes.

Moderated by voice actress Monica Rial, the Dragon Ball panel showcased the first teaser for Dragon Ball Daima. The video announced that this series will be telling a story never before told in the Dragon Ball franchise. showed most of our characters as they are transformed into kids right after Shenron grants a wish. Not much else has been revealed, but it has gotten fans excited to see what Toriyama has in store for the series. Executive producer Akio Iyoku told attendees at the panel that the Dragon Ball creator is “deeply involved” in the new anime series with plans for these “new episodes for the storyline.” The EP revealed that some sort of conspiracy is the driving force for this storyline, putting the characters in a unique situation.

Dragon Ball Daima will be released sometime next fall in 2024, so it will be quite some time before we hear anything else about it. More information will be revealed during the Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour, a competition fan event taking place next year on January 27 and 28 in Los Angeles. The series will also mark the 40th Anniversary of Dragon Ball’s debut. So this will be a very special occasion for fans as they get to see a new story in this beloved franchise. Goku’s Japanese voice actress Masako Nozawa also shared her excitement in a special video recorded for the fans as she delivered her classic Kameha move to get fans hyped.

Another thing that was announced during the presentation was a first look at the new video game based on Toriyama’s manga series Sand Land. Also shown was some new content for Dragon Ball’s existing games Dragon Ball The Breakers and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. For those into the card game, fans also got a chance to see the new line of cards, Fusion World and Zenkai Series EX as they make their way to shelves real soon, which was announced by voice actor Ian Sinclair. With fans awaiting Dragon Ball Daima, they can get their Dragon Ball to fix when they get their hands on the latest film, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero as it comes home in a special steel book as a Blu-Ray release. Audiences can also get a chance to rewatch Dragon Ball: Battle of Gods as an extended cut comes to theaters on October 17 and 18.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.

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