NYCC 2022: First Trailer For The Super Mario Bros. Movie Unveiled

After learning about the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie for over a year, Nintendo has finally released the first trailer online as well as those attending New York Comic Con. Seeing that this was the most highly anticipated movie for a lot of Super Mario fans, the panel was a full house of attendees waiting to get a taste of what this new animated film would look like. After showcasing the trailer from the special Nintendo Direct, fans got a surprise waiting for them from a particular cast member who was ready to take his throne and get everyone fired up for Illumination’s take on the iconic Nintendo franchise.

During the Nintendo Direct, Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto gave a warm welcome to those watching online as well as those in attendance at New York Comic Con. Illumination CEO and film producer Chris Meledandri also was in the feed thanking Miyamoto and the team of Nintendo for allowing his company to create the film and helping them create their vision of a Mario movie while also paying respects to the beloved property. Fans also heard from actors Chris Pratt and Jack Black, who voice Mario and Bowser respectively. They shared their love for Super Mario and the experience of bringing these characters to life on the big screen. 

After the introductions, fans were given a chance to see a first look at The Super Mario Bros. Movie, showcasing some of the characters and how they are being portrayed on film. The teaser starts with Jack Black’s menacing Bowser attacking an ice kingdom with his army and gaining what looks like a Power Star. We also got a glimpse of Chris Pratt’s Mario in the Mushroom Kingdom getting acquainted with Toad, who’s played by Keagan-Michael Key. Toward the end of the trailer, we see Charlie Day’s Luigi getting chased by Dry Bones. We get a date showing the release date for April 7th of next year.

After the presentation, fans at New York Comic Con were in for a treat with an appearance by Jack Black in person. He unveiled the throne that was put on stage and gives everyone a taste of his version of Bowser. During a chat, Black got to talk about getting to voice the iconic villain known to so many as Mario’s most famous adversary. He says that he fully embraced the role once it was given to him, as many got to see it as he shared his energy on stage. Coming in with an outfit that resembles the big villain, fans were ecstatic to see how much fun he was having in the role.

During the quick Q&A, Black discussed his love for video games, remembering when he played Donkey Kong back in the 80s. Despite always seeing the dark side of every villain, Black mentioned that Bowser does have a sensitive side to him that we might get to see. With his musical roots, Black added that he was able to add some of that heavy metal influence into his character. It would be interesting to see how much of his musician side we may get to see in Bowser, but fans will have to wait till next year to see how it takes shape.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie will be coming to theaters on April 7, 2023.

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