NYCC 2021: My Hero Academia Panel Showcases World Heroes’ Mission

The students of UA Academy are in for another big adventure with My Hero Academia’s upcoming film, World Heroes’ Mission. Fans got a sneak peek at the upcoming film at this year’s New York Comic-Con with some of the newest cast members for the film featuring the likes of Cristina Vee, Ryan Colt Levy, Sarah Roach, and Lisa Ortiz who were joined by ADR scriptwriter Jeramey Kraatz. Much of the panel had the cast discussing the newest characters on the roster and what to expect when the film comes out here in the states.

During the panel, fans were shown a short clip of the first couple of minutes from the dubbed version of World Heroes’ Mission. In the video, we get to see firsthand the new antagonists who call themselves Humarize. Their goal is to stop anyone who has a Quirk, believing that having these powers would mean the end of humanity. We see a robed figure leading a convent as gas is deployed on its followers, transforming them into what their Quirks are and then killing them in the process. Later on, we see Deku and his classmates as they prepare to drop down on one of Humanize’s bases and stop a similar attack from happening.

Much of the cast at the panel is pretty new to the world of My Hero Academia since they are playing characters not shown in the series. Both Levy and Vee were revealed to be playing the duo of Roddy Soul and his pink bird sidekick Pino. Deku will befriend them when they first meet in the film. Levy and Vee spoke about their chemistry in the film. “They’re a team. It’s like having a pet you can talk to. That’s what Pino is to Roddy,” Vee said. Levy added, “It’s a love of friendship and partnership. It’s one of the most wholesome interactions I’ve ever experienced.” Sara Roach and Lisa Ortiz, who play Pro Heroes Claire Voyance and Moe Kamiji AKA Burnin, expressed their excitement for the film as they both look forward to the action scenes.  

After working on the series for five seasons, Kraatz spoke about the challenge of getting to script the English dubbed version for the third movie since he’s not basing it on the manga but with an original story. “When you have someone like Roddy, you don’t know what the voice actors are going to sound like because we don’t have the manga to give their backstory,” he said.

Audiences can get to see My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission when it arrives in US theaters on Oct. 29.

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