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Nielsen Discusses Programming and Gaming in Asian American Diverse Intelligence Series

As we are already in Asian American Heritage Month, the amount of content from the community has expanded in different mediums over the years and continues to grow. Nielsen, the global marketing leader in media analysis and viewership, commemorated the occasion with the launch of the Asian American Diverse Intelligence Series. The new initiative started with their first panel, Engaging Asian American Consumers at the Dawn of a New Decade. Led by Mariko Carpenter, the company’s VP of Strategic Community Alliances, the event touched on how Asian American-led TV programs, social media, and gaming has grown and represents new opportunities to reach consumers in the US. The webinar included panelists Veena Crownholm, a lifestyle host and content creator, as well as Christine Cadena, VP of Diversity and Inclusion at Walt Disney as they both talked about the growth of Asian American-led programs and their effects to the US market.

During the panel, Carpenter discussed the growing trend of digital platforms and influencers in the US market being led by Asian Americans. By the use of social media, the Asian American-led programs are growing in popularity as viewers remain engaged in what is being offered in different platforms. When it comes to TV programs, comedy seems to be the selling point for Asian Americans with comedians like Hasan Minhaj or Jo Koy providing content on services like Netflix.

The same goes for gaming as it caters to the younger audience with 37 percent using VR technology as well as 53 percent of the Asian American demographic are into Esports. Games like Minecraft or Pokemon Go are using this platform to cater to gamers and it makes sense as most of these are partially or fully developed by Asia. The webinar talked about how one can reach this market through social media, digital platforms, television, and events. By using the community, the Asian American market continues to evolve with the amount of content being produced thanks to  creators launching their own programming to the US and to the world.

We sat down with Carpenter on her thoughts about the growing content made by Asian Americans and the bright future that holds with the US market. You can check the interview right here.

About Mariko S. Carpenter

Mariko S. Carpenter is the Vice President of Strategic Community Alliances at Nielsen, the world’s largest consumer research company. Mariko serves as a thought leader on U.S. multicultural consumer insights with focus on Asian Americans – the fastest growing consumer segment in the U.S. She delivers the narrative behind the trends to help brands, marketers and community leaders build strategies to win in our ever-changing, diverse U.S. market.

Mariko most recently received the 2018 Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business Awards by Asian American Business Development Center and serves on the Board of the National Asian American Chamber of Commerce and Entrepreneurship. She holds an MS in Marketing from New York University and a BA in French and Asian Studies from Vassar College.

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