Gangstar Apes for GTA 5 Fans

All Ages of Geek has been showing support for the art behind NFTs. Today we discovered THE GANGSTAR APES! But what makes them so special? If you’re a fan of video games from Rockstar Games like GTA 5, this NFT Collection will be perfect for you. 


“In a world of violence and crime, 15 Gangstar Apes from around the globe have escaped from prison. After months of gathering the world’s greatest gangsters, the Gangstar Apes have decided to join forces to achieve their common goal: robbing the MegaBank. Gangstar Apes is an NFT collection of 10,000 randomly generated thugs from over 170 traits and accessories. Every week, the Gangstar Apes get together to rob the MegaBank. 50 weeks of exclusive raffles, over 168 winners, and every Gangstar Ape holder has a chance to win the jackpot! In total, it is more than $3.5million in winnings to be paid out!”

On the website a clear layout of what’s to come is shown to the collectors. The Gangstar Apes have a list of what will happen when they reach their financial goals. These goals are listed all the way to 100%, giving collectors an idea of what will happen next. You can learn more about their roadmap HERE.

There is also a Discord Server for collectors where the community can go to chat, find updates, and interact together! This Discord Server has more than 10K members! If you are interested in an NFT server or a place to chat all about The Gangstar Apes consider joining HERE.

Collectors can also follow The Gangstar Apes on Twitter and Instagram to get news about these special NFTs. Be sure to follow them to stay updated!

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