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Looking for a new comic to read? Look no further! “in/habitants” is a new comic all about the
reality of surviving. “in/habitants” showcases the struggles those of lesser ‘status’ experience
day by day. This story follows a group of misfits who decide to work together to change the way
the world is running. “in/habitants” main cast uses technology to rebuild the status quo to
create an overall fair world. But will it all work out?

“in/habitants” is perfect for any reader looking for a story that displays the pain of the less
fortunate, but gives the characters the strength to fight back for what is right. Episode One of
“in/habitants” truly brings in the readers through its groundbreaking story telling and artistry.
With shocking twists and choices from the character introduced, fans will really be in awe with
this first episode!

“in/habitants is an acknowledgment to Satoshi Nakamoto, Vitalik Buterin, Gavin Wood, Hal
Finney, and Ethan Buchman, among hundreds of other creators, of a new possibility of social,
political, and economic organization.”

Over on the website you can learn more about each character. In “in/habitants” the main
cast truly has relatable stories. In fiction a lot of times the characters do not feel real and their
stories almost feel fake, however “in/habitants” breaks that norm and allows their characters to
feel life like. These characters face real life problems and the comic does not hold back on what
it is telling.

“in/habitants” has incredible artwork that makes the comic stand out. The beautiful color work
that makes the characters truly remarkable. For example the shading used in each scene
captures the feelings the characters are experiencing in that given moment. Each character is
also uniquely designed making them very original and perfect for fans of comics. This indie
comic is truly breaking norms while telling a powerful story.

If you are interested in checking out “in/habitants” be sure to check out all of their links. Will
these misfits find an accepting world? Find out by reading “in/habitants”!

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