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Netflix Gears Up for the Release of ‘Carol & the End of the World’

Netflix has announced a new adult animated limited series titled “Carol & the End of the World,” created by Dan Guterman of “The Colbert Report,” “Community,” and “Rick and Morty”. This 10-episode, 30-minute series is set to premiere on December 15.

The show explores a world on the brink of extinction due to a mysterious approaching planet. While most people indulge in their wildest desires, one introverted woman, Carol, played by Martha Kelly, remains lost amidst the chaos.

“Carol & the End of the World” is a comedic take on the comfort of routine and daily rituals. The cast also includes Beth Grant, Lawrence Pressman, Kimberly Hébert Gregory, Mel Rodriguez, Bridget Everett, Michael Chernus, and Delbert Hunt.

Dan Guterman and Donick Cary are executive producers, with Kevin Arrieta as co-executive producer.

Don’t miss this unique animated series when it arrives on Netflix this December 15th.

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