Naked Metas Review

Today we are going to chat all about NFTs. The internet is slowly being taken over by NFTs and new creators are jumping into the space to show off their amazing work. We are going to review Naked Metas and what they have in store for the metaverse. Their designs, what they are doing for the metaverse, and how you can support them will be discussed in the article. But what makes them so special? 

How did Naked Metas start? Well let’s discuss their history. These NFTs are a group of non-binary species of Metamorphs that live to explore the glorious metaverse and learn more about what it has in store. They are always looking for ways to improve their civilization. The Naked Metas are known as a race that protects peace and will challenge anyone who opposes it. But soon their planet was destroyed. To learn more about their backstory be sure to check out their website.

Now let’s talk about their design. Adorable characters that anyone will love, Naked Metas are perfect for collectors looking to expand their gallery. Fans of the game Gang Beast will love these NFT! Each NFT has their own unique characteristics. For example you can find a Naked Meta wearing a cowboy hat or even sporting their favorite pair of sunglasses. The possibilities in this collection are endless. 

But where can you support their work? Not only do they have a website where you can learn all about who Naked Metas are and what they do, but they are also on social media. Naked Metas are on Twitter where you can stay updated on all their news! They also have a Discord Server where you can interact with the community and chat all about Naked Metas. Be sure to support them today. 

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Brightening up the metaverse with their adorable designs, Naked Metas also has an amazing charity goal. “Our planet Earth needs to be conserved and protected so the Naked Metas can experience all the natural beauty C-137 has to offer. Right now Climate change, extinction, and pandemics are staring us in the face now more than ever. Our goal is to donate $150,000 of the Naked Metas launch funds to support Re:wild, a movement to build a world in balance with the wild. A group that acts to conserve the planet’s most threatened areas and species. Let’s get behind this team and Leonardo DiCaprio showing them what a united NFT community has to offer. In our discord server, we have a channel dedicated to Climate change, and the wild is open for anyone to post updates in and get involved!”

Be sure to check out Naked Metas as they join the metaverse on January 11th, 2022. You can support them by checking out all of their links. Not only are they bringing peace and joy in the NFT space but they are supporting an amazing cause. The team’s long term goal is to have 3D avatars built for owners to explore Metaverse with and continue to rebuild their species. Support them today if you want to be part of the Naked Metas family:




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