My Top 10 characters for MARVEL vs CAPCOM 4: We’re Sorry 4 Infinite

With EVO being cancelled, I have been really bummed out. I was eager to watch the Marvel vs Capcom 2 Invitational tournament, because it meant two things: 1) Marvel vs Capcom has returned to the EVO main stage since 2017; and 2) Something is brewing…

Okay, maybe that second one is purely speculative, but that doesn’t mean we can just throw that idea out the window. Something is brewing behind the scenes. Ever since the massive failure that was Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, I wouldn’t be surprised if Capcom is trying to look for a way to apologize to hardcore fans of the series.

Evo 2020 would have been the time and place to not only reintroduce a franchise that is synonymous with Evo, but also the time to introduce a new installment to the beloved series. To celebrate this series, here are my top 10 characters I’d love to see in Marvel vs Capcom 4: We’re Sorry 4 Infinite.



You know you want to see this happen again…

For our first Marvel entry we are adding an X-Men. And sure, it is almost a guarantee that the X-Men will be in this next installment, considering the lack of X-men characters was one of the shortcomings of Infinite, but if the X-men were to be added, I have a feeling that it will only be the usual suspects (Wolverine, and the terrible trio of Magneto, Storm, and Sentinel).

Cyclops has been part of the series since X-Men vs Street Fighter, and it would be cool to see him make a triumphant return in a new installment. Cyclops has always been one of my favorite X-Men characters, but he’s always gotten the short end of the stick. Come on, he’s the leader of the X-Men, give the guy some love.

Also, seeing him shake hands with Ryu again would be enough to make fans go crazy!


Let all the fangirls and fanboys swoon in my presence.

I’ve always found it interesting that Thor’s brother was not included in Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. Considering that Thanos was included back into the series in that installment due to his rising popularity with casual fans, Loki’s absence in the game seems like an oversight since Loki has become the fan favorite character of the MCU.

It would be cool to see how he’d play. Unlike Thor’s slow but powerful moveset, Loki could have a speedier moveset, and utilizing tricks to mix up his opponents. He could use illusions to attack his enemies, set up his opponents for long combos, and keep the enemies away. He could even summon Asgardian relics that he’s stolen from Odin’s vault as super moves, like the Casket of Ancient Winters or The Eternal Flame. His Level 3 Ultra Move could even summon The Destroyer to bring the beatdown on his opponents.

Also it would be cool to see some sort of Dragonball FighterZ style dramatic finish happen when Loki and Thor face off on Asgard.

Ant-Man and The Wasp

Hit boxes gonna be small AF lol…
I hope not.

So this one is cheating… a little (pun intended). Ant-Man and The Wasp are an interesting case. They’re a dynamic duo and work better together than individual. And since Ant-Man was rumored to have been the next character to be added into Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, well… before any updates to the game ceased indefinitely.

Ant-Man and The Wasp would play together as one. They’d pay like the Ice Climbers from Smash Bros. but on steroids. They would constantly be switching movesets depending on who landed the last hit. Sort of like, a dynamic stance switch character. Specific special moves could be specific to each character. Projectile moves will be assigned to Wasp, while Heavy hitting melee moves like a shoulder charge, would be allotted to Ant-Man. There could be an Ant-Man specific super move and a Wasp specific super move, and when you have three bars to unleash your Ultimate Level 3, both characters rush you.

It would interesting to see how a two-person team operate as one in a fighting game. You don’t see that often, and no one comes to mind while I’m writing this. This tag-team would most definitely bring some high octane rushdown offense, which the series is known for.


Medusa uses Pantene for that silky smooth scalp.

Remember when Marvel didn’t have the rights to make X-Men films, so they had to use their off-brand mutants called The Inhumans? No? That’s okay, Marvel and Disney burned every copy of that attempt, so it’s okay if you don’t remember. Even so, this game needs some obscure characters, and who more obscure than an Inhuman?

All jokes aside, the Inhumans get no love. Even when Marvel tried to bring them into the spotlight, no one cares about them. However, there’s still hope. You might be wondering why I’m choosing the Queen of the Inhumans to represent their title, and that’s because of two things: 1) as cool as Blackagar Boltagon is, his moveset would be kinda boring; and 2) fighting game characters with their hair as their weapon of choice is a staple in fighitng games (Millia from Guilty Gear; Fillia from Skullgirls; even Sindel from Mortal Kombat).

It would be cool to see Capcom’s approach to creating this character. Animations for her attacks would be as cool as Venom’s shapeshifting body, as you can have her hair transform into various shapes and weapons. Her supers can even include Lockjaw teleporting in and transporting her and her opponent to Atillan where she can unleash the might of the Inhumans on the poor unfortunate fighter who fights her.

The Juggernaut (BITCH!!!)

Silly bitch, your weapons cannot harm me, dontch’a know who the f*** I am?

We need a big bruiser. I know that there’s already an X-Men character in this wishlist, but my biases are strong with this one. X-Men vs Street Fighter was my very first Capcom game, my first introduction to the X-Men, and my first introduction to Street Fighter; so yeah, it’s a big part of my video-game life. Juggernaut was my go to guy in that game, and it’s one of the reasons why he’s my favorite X-Men villain. Actually, it may be one of the reasons why I like playing big body characters in fighting games who do “big boy damage.”

Juggernaut and Cyclops were my main team in that game, so it would be cool to have that again. With his recent appearance in Deadpool 2, it would be awesome to bring him in to interact with Deadpool and Cable. Yeah, Cable will definitely be in this game. I can feel it in my bones!

Hopefully they do change how he plays slightly, so that you can combo into his attacks more seamlessly. Juggernaut was one of the more difficult characters to use, but in the right hands he can be devastating. Also, why is he slow? Juggernaut is all about momentum, and once he gains momentum he can’t be stopped. So it would be interesting if they change Juggy’s moveset slightly to be faster or have it as a mechanic where he has a separate bar for momentum and he gains more damage, and more armor the more filled it is.

Besides… Don’t ya know who he is?


Time for some Capcom characters to show up.

Ruby Heart

You think you’re the only Street Fighter in the world?

Let’s start the Capcom side right, shall we? Ruby Heart is an original character created for Marvel Vs Capcom 2. She’s arguably the face of the franchise ever since the second installment, and her exclusion from the two sequels after that was almost criminal.

Putting her back in would be a good way to celebrate the franchise. She’s got a unique moveset, such as being able to utilize mystical artifacts and treasure chests, summon ghosts, and even summon her crew and ship to unleash cannon fire on her enemies.

She was an integral part of Marvel 2’s storyline, as she was the person who gathered the heroes of two worlds to battle Abyss. She’s basically Capcom’s Nick Fury with her own helicarrier. Why wouldn’t she be a perfect fit for this game?


Alright, who called me “deadweight”? Who said it?

Let’s bring in some deadweight. Oh god.. don’t tell him I said that.

But yes, Nero needs to be in the next installment of the Versus series. He has become Devil May Cry’s new hero. Even if he had a lukewarm welcome in Devil May Cry 4, it was Devil May Cry 5 that assured fans that the series is in good hands even without the pizza-loving son of Sparda. I’m not saying to replace Dante outright for the Versus series, though if that’s the case, I wouldn’t mind at all.

However, adding Nero into the mix would help bring even more style to this game. He’s obviously going to play like his Devil May Cry 5 incarnation, because that moveset is by far the most interesting thing about that game. The multiple Devil Breakers he has at his disposal will surely help him go up against the best Marvel has to offer.

Jin Saotame

(Something like that…)

We need a big bruiser. Huh, this sounds familiar.

Jin Saotame has been a staple of the franchise since the first MvC. He needs to make a triumphant return. Hell, there’s a number of MvC legacy characters who were left out of the third installment. He was one of them. Although he ain’t a big boy, he does do “big boy damage.”

However, I feel that he needs to have more armored moves in his normal moves to sort of discourage others from attacking him head on. Jin’s Blodia punch has become an iconic image in fighting game history, and it would surely be cool to see Jin back again. That and I’m tired of hearing Spencer yell out “Bionic Arm”– a cheap imitation of Jin’s ultimate five-knuckle sandwich.


Sissel. Lynne. Missile, that’s right, wuff!

So remember obscure characters? Yeah, we have those.

There’s this little game called Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. It’s this little game that came out for the Nintendo DS and iOS. It’s a puzzle game where you play as an amnesiac named Sissel. But he’s no ordinary amnesiac. When you begin the game, he’s actually dead–or should I say murdered.

Who’s got the aspirin?

He regains consciousness as a ghost just in time to see Lynne get shot down. He discovers that he has the ability to rewind time to four minutes before a person’s death. He saves Lynne by using his new abilities to interact with objects in the environment to change Lynne’s fate.

Phoenix Wright made it into Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, with a unique moveset. so that means Sissel making it in is not that impossible. It would be interesting to see how Capcom designs his gameplay, but he’s definitely going to be using environmntal objects, and relying on Lynne and Missile for backup, in the same way Mia backs Phoenix up. hell, even Missile backs Phoenix up in UMvC3.

Captain Commando

Alright boys… Strike a pose!

C-C–C-Captain Commando.

My favorite Capcom character ever. Here’s another one of my firsts. Not counting X-Men vs. Street Fighter, Captain Commando is my first Capcom game. He was Capcom’s unofficial mascot, until Ryu took over that role.(CAPtain COMmando, duh…) Seeing the good ole Captain back in the Versus series would be lightning infused nostalgia in a bottle.

Think about him going toe-to-toe with Captain America, Captain Marvel, Captain Cold! maybe not that last one, but still. We need someone the Capcom characters can rally behind, and I think Captain Commando could be that guy. I mean, come on. Would you really rally behind a wandering hobo who fights people for his own personal reasons? (No offense, Ryu). Or a bonafide superhero who commands an elite team to combat against intergalactic war criminals?

Captain Commando’s return would make me scream in excitement like a kid again. And if he does make it back in, expect me (along with everyone else who decide to main him) yell “Captain Sword!” every time we bring down the pain.

Who do you want to see in the next installment of the franchise? Let us know in the comments below.



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