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My Hero Academia Review “Fighting Fate” Season 4 Episode 4

This episode begins with Deku and Mirio walking through the city as part of the work-study. The two heroes were told to behave normally when they encounter Overhaul. From a small dark side street runs a little girl named Eri, towards Deku and clutches him tightly. But suddenly Overhaul stands in front of them. Deku loses his cool and forgot all about Night Eye’s words.

Mirio acts like a true hero and tries to act normal in this situation. Deku realizes that Eri could be in grave trouble, he starts questioning Overhaul, but he tries to stay calm because he doesn’t want any unwanted attention in a public space. Then even Mirio realizes that the little girl might need their attention. Overhaul gives in, he asks them to follow him. Then suddenly Eri runs back to Overhaul, because she knows that Overhaul will defeat and kill the heroes if she stays with them. Deku and Mirio are forced to hold themselves back because they can nothing do in this situation.

Deku is pretty shocked after meeting Overhaul and his little daughter. Later that day, Deku meets All Might, he starts to ask him all about Mirio. All Might explains Deku that before he decided to pass on his All For One to him, he wanted to pass it on to Mirio. And that he had already arranged a meeting with Mirio because of this.

Night Eye had predicted that, in the near future, he would experience an unspeakably gruesome death. To keep his legacy, he had been looking for a potential candidate. But before he could meet Mirio, he meets Deku. Deku’s bravery impressed him and gave him the strength to keep fighting. Deku has tears in his eyes, he looks up to his hero and suggests that he should meet Night Eye again to predict his future. He hopes that All Might’s future has already changed.

In this episode, we finally have a clash between Deku and Overhaul. Even if there is no fight, we get an idea of how strong Overhaul is. Deku is not strong enough to face Overhaul yet. Eri was also introduced to us in this episode. I’m excited to see what important role she will play in this arc. It’s also nice to see what special relationship All Might and Deku have. This scene was very emotional and brought tears to my eyes.

Episode 4 has many emotional moments. From Eri’s plea for help to the motivational speech from All Might. It shows again how human the characters are in this anime. The relationship between All Might and Deku shows how much personality the creators of this anime have put in their characters. And this is why I love this anime so much.

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