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On this episode of the Geekoning Mufsin Interviews Erik-Peter Mortensen all about his music!

About Erik-Peter Mortensen

“Hi! My name is Erik-Peter Mortensen (EP) with a “call sign” of 4LeafComposer! 4LeafComposer, like a musical 4 Leaf Clover, epitomizes the 4 “C’s” of my musical specialty and passion: Classical, Choral, Cinematic and Contemporary! My professional singing career began first at the Metropolitan & New York City Opera Children’s Choruses; and also at a professional church choir, The Men and Boys’ Choir of the Church of the Transfiguration in NYC. My education in music includes degrees from Columbia University and Berklee College of Music. I am an accomplished composer, singer-songwriter, arranger, and music producer hundred’s of I will generally post videos which feature the many aspects of my music I have composed, music I have performed, music I have produced, music of my collaborators, and some of my favorite other videos! “

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About Mufsin Mahbub

Mufsin Mahbub is a writer who has covered the entertainment circuit. His work can be found on sites like Huff Post,, and Comic Book Resources. Growing up in New York, he is a big gamer and into anime as well as binging the latest TV obsessions. He is also into making and producing video content talking about the latest movies and biggest storylines in comic books, which he does on his podcast The Nerd Blast.

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