Module Review, The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan (D&D 5e) 

by: Lance Kleinman

Modules and Adventures have always had a place in D&D, from when it was first created, to nowadays, modules are built to give players adventures all over the realms, and the Dungeon Master, a world and story ready for them to tell. This is the third part in the series known as Module Review! The third module being covered is known as “The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan”. 

Let’s start with some basic backstory for the creation of the module.This module also predates the current edition of D&D 5e, however, it was one of the most popular modules of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (In fact, this may be one of the oldest modules released), so they made some modifications and released it as part of a bigger adventure book called “Tales of the Yawning Portal”. This book being the 3rd adventure in the “Tales of the Yawning Portal”, can take place after the “Forge of Fury,” however in contrast to the previous adventure, this adventure was not created after the “Forge of Fury” but before. Making it the first adventure in this book, which was made before “The Sunless Citadel.” 

“The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan” is located within a temple, deep within a dense and dangerous jungle, housed inside the lost city of Tamoachan. This large city, now reduced to rubble, seems to have buildings and ruins within “valleys” leading to the Hidden Shrine. When the party rests for the night, preparing to continue searching the ruins, the module truly begins. Rumors can be heard of a Vampire Lord of the Underworld, whom the temple seems to be dedicated to, often adding allure to a party trying to find fortune and glory. 

This module is for characters level 5-8, so any somewhat experienced characters should be able to be played for this module! When playing this module, prepare for a story with ancient intrigue and treasure.

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