Mario 2.0 Review

Artists and creators from around the world are jumping into the metaverse with their designs and ideas. Giving their work a place to live so others can see it. New ideas occur each day with unique NFT ideas and designs. Today we are going to chat all about Mario 2.0 NFT and what their designs are all about. 

Inspired by the classic Mario Brothers game, fans and geeks all over will love their designs. You are able to see your favorite character dressed in amazing and fun outfits. For example you may see Mario sporting a pair of 3D glasses or even wielding a sword! The possibilities are endless. Here is what the creators had to say about their collection:

“Mario has always amazed us with his world of adventures. From level to level hoping on to new challenges, new adventures and fighting the bad guys to rescue his dear princess and the people from the Mushroom Kingdom. Always ready to help with a smile in his famous red overalls, Mario has come a long way and has been an imperative part of everyone’s childhood. To pay tribute to this nostalgic journey of the world’s first ever game series, we have launched a line of unique NFTs with a twist to Mario and Luigi’s Avatar. This is Mario 2.0 launched by a bunch of NFT lovers based in the UAE! We wanted to add our bit to the NFT community and contribute with something that takes us back to a nostalgic journey with this beloved character. Find Mario 2.0 and Luigi in Gen Z avatars all decked up and live on OpenSea! This is not all! We have a lot in store for all you NFT lovers! This is just the beginning of Phase 1. Stay tuned and read on to know more about what’s next!”

Collectors looking to add nostalgia to their gallery as well as video game lovers and fans of Mario Brothers will truly love this collection. Not only is their community very interactive but their website also shows a roadmap. This roadmap is beneficial for supporters of this collection because it shows them what they can expect for the future as this collection grows. For example they can expect to see giveaways and contests!

If you are interested in supporting these NFTs look no further! Be sure to check out all of their links to stay updated on what this collection has in store for you. Go over to their OpenSea to view all of their designs! Perhaps you will find your next big NFT. Don’t wait! Check out their links today.

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