Lego Meets Art Review

NFTs are taking over the internet. New ideas and creations surface in the metaverse everyday,
giving creators a place to showcase their work. Digital art, photography, and traditional art, the
possibilities are endless. Today we are going to chat all about Lego Meets Art, their designs,
who they are, and how you can support them.

“Lego Meets Art is a 1/1 project where the paintings by your favorite painters meet with LEGOs. Pieces are handmade using 3D LEGO designing tool, thus giving the timeless pieces more distinct characters, as well as re-visiting and making them more suitable for the digi-age! It’s now, it’s new, and its POP! Each piece has a Certificate of Authenticity signed by me. Every month, 10 new LEGO paintings will be added to the collection until we reach the total target (500) paintings.”

Collectors looking to add unique designs to their gallery should consider checking out what
Lego Meets Art has in store. These NFTs take their designs to the next level by showcasing art
but doing it with LEGO texture. This is perfect for anyone who enjoys traditional art with a twist
or for anyone who is a fan of LEGOs. LEGOs bring back the feeling of nostalgia to some
viewers since LEGOs are extremely popular for those who grew up in the 90’s. This collection
not only brings nostalgia to the heart, but it also showcases art in a fun and exciting way.

For those looking to check out their work be sure to learn more about them on Rarible and
OpenSea. There you can browse through the collection and check out all of their designs.
Perhaps you will find your next big NFT as well. Over on their social media pages you will also
get to view their NFTs. Following them on social media will allow you to stay updated on what
they have in store, drop dates, and much more!

Lego Meets Art is changing the game in the metaverse. These designs break the norm and
showcase art in a way that truly allows those viewing it to smile. Lego Meets Art is definitely
worth checking out for anyone who is experienced with NFTs or those who are looking to start
collecting. You will be able to view amazing art pieces and be part of a community that wants to show art in a new and fun way. Support Lego Meets Art today. You will not regret it!
Instagram and Twitter @legomeetsart

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