Lambda Miners Club Review

Today we are going to chat all about Lambda Miners Club. This special NFT project is the first project that is both photographed and retouched with extreme detail and passion. These NFTs are based on professional photoshoots. During these photoshoots models from around the world work with photographers to create the next big NFT. Each NFT is handmade and not auto generated.

These NFTs are extremely collaborative. There are models, photographers, and artists who work together to create each NFT. Allowing the minds of creatives to work together to build these immersive art pieces. Lambda Miners Club has ten thousand NFTs, the possibilities are endless on what you can expect to see. Because all of these NFTs are from photoshoots collectors can expect to find original and unique NFTs to add to their gallery. Each piece has its own background, accessories and models. 

Lambda Miners Club has a roadmap on their website that allows viewers to see what they can expect in the future. For example in the future you can expect to see airdrop giveaways. Alongside their roadmap you can also see a few of their NFTs on their website. This way you can check out the amazing style of these NFTs.

They are planning to have 10k NFTs. At the moment they we will drop 400 NFTs until the 15th of December! You will be able to purchase prior to the main drop with some amazing discounts. They will also be interacting with their community to figure out what kind of NFTs they want! What race, age, style, location and many other factors. Once they see what is in demand they will set up the next photo sessions.This is a great project to support since they plan on having their community cryptocurrency!

If you are interested in their work be sure to check out their OpenSea on December 15th. On their OpenSea you can learn more about who they are and check out what NFTs are available. They also have a Discord Server where you can interact with the creators. They are also on Twitter where you can get updates and chat all about their NFTs!

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