Kingdom Hearts IV Announced During Franchise’s 20th Anniversary

A new chapter in the Kingdom Hearts series is coming as a surprise to fans during the 20th anniversary of the franchise in Japan. Kingdom Hearts IV was announced as one of two new games that Square Enix is working on and we got our first look at the upcoming game featuring protagonist Sora.

The special event took place in Tokyo, where series director Tetsuya Nomura and composer Yoko Shimomura made special appearances to reminisce about Kingdom Hearts and its 20-year legacy. The showcase saved the best for last when it was revealed that Kingdom Hearts IV is in development. The news was unveiled along with a new mobile game, Kingdom Hearts Missing Link. The new mobile title would be having a closed beta test for both iOS and Android devices sometime this year, but only for certain regions. There was also the update on the series’ only mobile title Kingdom Hearts Union X Dark Road, revealed to be the finale to the game as it will be going offline in August 2022.

Of course, the biggest news during the special event was Kingdom Hearts IV, which was revealed at the end. A trailer was shown featuring a realistic world that is unlike anything that we’ve seen before in the series. We see Sora with a new look as he fights against a huge enemy, showcasing some new moves in this big boss fight. All we know about this new area is that it’s called Quadratum, which seems to be inspired by Tokyo. Confronting Sora is a new character who goes by the name Strelitzia, but nothing is known about who she is and what she wants with our hero. The new game will be the start of a new storyline, which is being titled, “Lost Master Arc.” At the end of the video, we see Donald and Goofy as they are in search of someone as a mysterious voice calls out to them.

The new game also ties into the upcoming mobile game Kingdom Hearts Missing Link as players take on the Heartless in Scala ad Caelum, a world that was introduced in Kingdom Hearts 3. It should be interesting to see how it all ties together with the fourth main entry in the series.

No release date was given or which platforms Kingdom Hearts IV will be available on. Based on what was shown in this trailer, it’ll give something for fans to get excited about as the story of Sora and his companions continues in a new chapter.

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