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Kindle Series “Time Off Task” is a MUST Read!

Time Off Task is an absolute blast to read! This book is a wonderful testament to the power of friendship and how it can help us overcome any obstacle, including ADHD. Audre, the protagonist, is a highly creative writer and artist who struggles to excel at work and write her first novel due to her ADHD. However, her best friend Tomas comes to the rescue with an experimental device that can manage different types of mental behaviors. He convinces Audre to be his beta tester, and they embark on an exciting journey together.

One of the things I loved most about this book was the portrayal of the strong friendship
between Audre and Tomas. They’re so supportive of each other, and it’s clear that they’ll do
anything to help each other succeed. Their relationship felt authentic, and it was great to see
how they worked together to overcome the obstacles in their way.

Another aspect of Time Off Task that I found particularly compelling was its portrayal of ADHD
and how to survive with it. Audre’s struggles with the condition felt very realistic, and I appreciated how the book provided insight into the challenges that people with ADHD face on a daily basis. It was inspiring to see how Audre was able to use the device to help her manage her symptoms and work towards achieving her dreams.

The dialogue in this book is also top-notch. It’s witty, engaging, and feels very natural. The
characters all have unique voices, and it’s easy to become invested in their lives and their

One of the most exciting parts of Time Off Task was the inclusion of nanotechnology and
nanobots. The book is a perfect blend of realistic science fiction and speculative fiction, and I
loved how it explored the potential of this technology to help people with mental health issues. It’s clear that the author did their research and put a lot of thought into the worldbuilding.

Overall, I would highly recommend Time Off Task to anyone looking for an exciting, fun, and
insightful read. The plot is compelling, the characters are memorable, and the themes are
important. With 63 episodes released on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, this book is sure
to keep you engaged and entertained for weeks to come. Don’t miss out on this fantastic read!


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