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Kickstarter Spotlight: “Pride’s Misfits” Animation Series By Lu Ka-Yun Dawkins Needs Your Support!

Hey there, animation fans! We’ve got something awesome to share – “Pride’s Misfits,” a magical animated series by the talented Lu Ka-Yun Dawkins, is on Kickstarter, and you don’t want to miss out. Here’s the scoop on why you should jump on board:

The Story

Meet Cloud, a half-demon, half-human girl, navigating her identity while trying to become a demon hunter. Set in a captivating world inspired by Italy, “Pride’s Misfits” is a modern-day adventure with a supernatural twist. Think demons, magic, family drama, and tons of fun!

The Kickstarter Mission

Lu Ka-Yun Dawkins is the driving force behind this project, and they’re a solo animator with a big dream. The Kickstarter aims to support the amazing team that helped create “Pride’s Misfits.” That includes talented voice actors, artists, audio engineers, and musicians who poured their hearts into making this magic happen.

By backing this project, you can score some seriously cool rewards! From prints to keychains, there’s something for everyone. Plus, higher quantities may be added based on the campaign’s success. If the campaign hits the super stretch goal, Lu Ka-Yun Dawkins will finally get compensated for their animation work – a big win for the project’s creative genius.

Whether you can support financially or spread the word on social media, your help is crucial. Let’s make “Pride’s Misfits” a reality and appreciate the hard work of this passionate team.

Consider backing the project by checking out the official Kickstarter page!

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