We Interviewed Kelsey Poppen!

Hello everyone MinaRose2023 this time I bring you the lovely and talented Kelsey Poppen. Hello Kelsey, how are you today? 

A: I’m absolutely wonderful! 

What got you into Acting? 

A: Acting has always been a calling for me, stemming from a love for storytelling and a fascination with human emotions. Since I was young, I’ve been drawn to the magic of becoming someone else on stage or screen, of diving into different lives and experiences. It’s not just about pretending; it’s about tapping into something real and relatable, about connecting with people through shared stories and emotions. Acting gives me a way to express myself authentically, to explore different perspectives, and to hopefully make a meaningful impact on others. In essence, acting is my way of navigating the world, of understanding myself and others, and of sharing that understanding with audiences far and wide. 

Since when did you start acting? 

A: I stumbled into the world of acting at the ripe old age of 7, armed with little more than a pocketful of dreams and a knack for making a plays about bedtime stories. 

What has been the most difficult thing you’ve done as far as voice acting goes? 

A: For me, it was dealing with a live callback session while coping with the loss of someone close to me. It was a real emotional rollercoaster. But, I gotta give it to the company—they were incredibly understanding and supportive through it all. 

What role have you done you’ve loved the most? 

A: Honestly, I adore every role I’ve had the chance to take on. Huge thanks to every director who brings me in and lets me tackle something new. Whether it’s playing a teacher, a unicorn, or even a monster, I just love jumping into the recording booth and bringing characters to life. 

What coach/coaches do you recommend for new aspiring voice actors? 

A: For newcomers venturing into the world of voice acting, I’d suggest checking out coaches like Richard Horvitz, Joel Mcdonald, Amber Lee Connors, Brenna Larsen, and Shawn Gann, the list is endless. They’ve got heaps of experience and can really help you polish your skills. If you prefer structured programs, places like the Sound on Studio or

Real Voice LA offer really solid training. Also, make sure you thoroughly vet coaches and classes to ensure you’re learning from industry pros and not getting scammed. 

How do you suggest voice actors find work remotely? 

A: Speaking solely from my own remote working experience, I would recommend exploring the resources available on the website “I Want to Be a Voice Actor,” particularly its dedicated section on working from home. This comprehensive resource offers invaluable insights and guidance tailored to aspiring voice actors navigating the complexities of remote work. From setting up a home studio to mastering remote auditioning techniques, this website has been a game-changer for me, and I’m sure you’ll find it super helpful too. 

Is there anyone in the voice acting community you admire? Example Caitlin Glass. 

A: Oh man! That’s a difficult question to answer as I hold admiration for numerous individuals, making it challenging to single out just one. 

What other job do you do besides voice acting? 

A: Besides voice acting, I’ve been working as a marine biologist for over 11 years, focusing on both marine and terrestrial environments, with a specialization in marine life. 

What is the best part of voicing in Anime? 

A: Personally, I grew up with anime—it was my go-to every Saturday morning. So, being part of shows I’ve always loved or new productions feels like a dream come true, or as Bluey would say, it’s “FOR REAL LIFE.”

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