Kawayushi Review

The Metaverse is changing day by day. New ideas, creations, and art rise each hour.
Photographers, artists, creators, and entrepreneurs all put their minds together to create NFTs
for those who collect. If you are looking for new NFTs to check out look no further! Kawayushi is a new collection every NFT collector needs to see. Not only are their designs amazing, they
also have a great community! But first let’s learn more about who they are.

“The word kawaii, short for kawayushi, has a meaning that sits more or less at the juncture of
“cute,” “tiny,” or “lovable.” Our collection of 8369 NFTs combines the crazy world of crypto and
NFTs with the cute and lovable style of kawaii. Taking cues from crypto, pop culture, and anime, you will find there is a Kawayushi for everyone.Kawayushi live in the city of Nftville where they go about their daily lives learning and exploring their world. Kawayushi are extremely talented at expressing themselves. They do not judge who you are, what you like, or how you dress. They are happy being themselves.”

Fans of anime will especially love this collection. The designs perfectly represent anime and
manga characters in a unique way. The characters’ features will be familiar to those who are
fans of anime such as Naruto, Sailor Moon, and much more. Their designs are very Kawaii and
adorable! Collectors who are also looking to add anime styled NFTs should also check out this
collection. Their amazing line work and saturated colors will definitely have fans and NFT
collectors ready to purchase their next NFT.

This collection also has a detailed Roadmap that allows fans to see what they will do as they
grow. For example they plan on working with charity organizations like Girls Who Code. This will not only give back to the world but allow collectors to also give back while purchasing an NFT. On their social media and website you can see their designs and more about what they do and who they are.

Over on their discord you can interact with like minded folks. Discord is the perfect place to be if you want to stay updated with launch days, design updates, roadmap updates, and much more. This allows you to interact with those in charge of the project and those supporting, making it a place to be if you are interested in building a community. Kawayushi is a must see NFT collection. Their designs are perfect for anyone looking to add fun to their gallery. Check out all of their links today. You will not regret it!


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