‘Jack Talk’ Theme Song From ‘I Married a Monster on a Hill’

The comic and upcoming visual novel “I Married a Monster on a Hill” now has official music for the upcoming show “Jack Talk”. Enjoy the first intro song composed by Ryan X. Messcher.

About Jack Talk

“Jack Talk” is the news source in “I Married a Monster on a Hill.” Brace yourselves for unfiltered truths and a no-nonsense viewpoint that doesn’t hold back. Join hosts Jackie and Wagner as they take on the corruption in the world of “I Married a Monster on a Hill”. Tune in, or miss out! Show coming soon.

About I Married a Monster on a Hill

“I Married a Monster on a Hill” is an 18+ visual novel series, comic, and multimedia project. As a series that is in several different mediums “I Married a Monster on a Hill” focuses mainly on those oh-so-relatable slices of life, couples and LGBTQAI+ stories!

Be in it for the after story of the chase in “I Married a Monster on a Hill,” an 18+ visual novel, comic and multimedia series. Engage with the lives of several characters – from married couples to potential besties – in the small yet vibrant town of Willowgrove Hills. Centered on Boys Love, Girls Love, and life’s unpredictable game, this series explores the messy yet touching web of relationships. A series of games where ‘for richer or poorer’ could mean budgeting for superhero capes, and the couple’s therapy might address who left the cap off the toothpaste… again.


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