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Interview with Vtuber Homura Yami!

We interviewed Vtuber Homura Yami!

1. What Made you want to start Vtubing?

So, The first-ever Vtuber That I Watched Was Kizuna Ai, She Inspired Me A Lot, I watched her since 2018, and I’m wondering, I was like “Can I be like her someday”, but back Then I don’t have any kind of set up, I don’t have a laptop, mic, etc. I only have my Handphone, then my friend Introduced Me to This app Called “REALITY”, So Reality Is Kind Of A Platform For anyone to Become a vtuber I would say? I really made a lot of friends there, they really inspired me a lot And they support me For my decision to be A Vtuber, so I decided to make a YouTube channel, Twitter, Instagram, etc. After that, I’m working on my Model and it does works properly and I’m really happy that it works, after all of that are done, here I am, I’m a part of The community, I’m A Vtuber now, I really love everyone, everyone has been giving me a warm welcome, everyone has been really kind to me up until now, I may be not that popular, but I really enjoyed doing it.

2. How did you decide on what your model would look like?

I really love and Adore the Space So Much, I really love everything about space, There’s something special about it, and it is the moon, I really love the moon, it’s so special, I can’t say enough that I really love the moon, when I was a kid up until now I really love to go outside just to stare at the moon and take pictures of it, so, I’ve been wondering, should I make a model that is based on the moon and I finally did it, I have no regrets and I love it.

3.What can people expect to see from you in 2021?

So, first Of All, I’ll need to Buy A New Better Set up, Like a new better mic and a new better webcam, I also need to upgrade my PC, the reason why I’m doing all of this is So that I can Stream Better and I want the viewers to experience more and more high-quality stream.

4. What has been your favorite part about Vtubing so far?

There is So Many Things That I Love About Vtubing up until now, but, if I need to choose one, it’s going to be how They Accept me for who I am, I have met a lot of vtuber and they all are really kind to me, they have been giving me a warm welcome since the first time I joined the vtuber community.

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