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Interview with the Creator of Aveliana!

We interviewed the creator of Aveliana. Check it out!

1. What is the Game about?

Aveliana is an action-infiltration-adventure game in isometric view. The story begins with Aveliana deciding to abandon everything she has to find artifacts that could help her to save someone she has lost. She’ll have to find her way through dangerous paths watched by monsters. She’ll encounter a magical fox that will guide her in her quest and she’ll discover more about her and her environment. 

2. How did you come up with the idea?

I first wanted to invent a new and fun gameplay so I started thinking about that. I wanted to work on a stealth game with a fast pace and precise controls (I finished Cuphead a few weeks before and I think that influenced me). I was inspired by Commandos for the gameplay based on detection but I wanted it to be more dynamic and less tactical. With a single character to control, the experience is very different and I can propose several detection and attack patterns that combine together. I’m very satisfied of the gameplay ideas I had and I think they work pretty well together. One of them, that I find really interesting and I’ve never seen before is the transition between 2.5D and 2D in some sections of the game. Another important aspect is the story that I wanted to be meaningful because I think that’s something indie games can bring. We’ve done a lot of brain storming with my wife to come up with the current form of the story. 

3. What are your plans for this game in 2021?

A Kickstarter campaign is starting on the 12th of January. I hope the goal will be reached so I can make the game even better. For instance, having more musics and supporting composers is really something I want to do! The game development is very advanced and I think I’ll be able to release it on Steam at the end of the year as planned initially! 

4. Tell us more about you and your game!

I’m a game developer at night and a theoretical physicist during the day! I initially started this project because I wanted to have a concrete project showing what I can do in terms of project management and coding. So far I’m really enjoying the whole journey, it made me learn a ton of things and I have a great community supporting me. I very often receive fanarts of the game which is awesome for a game that isn’t finished yet (I’ve received more than 150)! The game is full of surprises and I invite you to jump into Aveliana’s story and play the demo HERE

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