Interview with Streamer itsthego

by: @tastauffer 

Streaming is one of the best ways to connect with people. As you largely stream gameplay, how have you connected with others during your playing?

One of the biggest is being able to connect with new people from different areas in the world. When one of my friends hosted a Valorant tournament, I was able to meet some of my closest friends because of that tournament. When we met for the first time out in Los Angeles, it was cool to see people who had the same mindset as me. 

Especially with raid functions, I’ve met some dope people throughout my time being a streamer and it’s been a huge blessing. 

What do you think is the most challenging part of being a streamer?

For myself, it’s setting these expectations for myself. So last year, I was determined to become a Twitch Partner, but unfortunately I was nowhere close. It’s really a comparison game that makes it difficult. As much as I try not to focus in on comparing myself to other streamers, I do sometimes find myself comparing my progress to other big streamers. 

Especially with the way Twtich’s discoverability is, if you do not have high viewership, it gets difficult for new people to find you. 

What are some guidelines about streaming that you try to go by? Do you have anything you’d like to point out specifically that no one seems to talk about?

I think the whole sexism thing on Twitch honestly isn’t being talked about. I’m not just talking about female streamers who get hit on, but the tasteless comments being made by male streamers like “if I were a girl I would get more viewers” or things along that line. 

On Twitter, bigger streamers are talking about it more and calling out that behavior, but to be honest, it only goes so far and it feels like Twitch really isn’t doing too much to protect female streamers. It’s really a shame because nowadays if you try to defend that sort of behavior, people will immediately jump on you and say you’re being ridiculous. 

What do you think is the most rewarding part of being a streamer?

Being able to inspire and encourage a community is honestly so rewarding. I never considered myself as a role model, but people who come into my streams are a bit younger, and they say I inspire. Hearing words like that make me realize what I’m doing is right and just being myself is the best way moving forward. Not really trying to follow what everyone else is doing.

You seem to have a good community, so what would you say is the best memory that you have with your audience?

I think more so recently, I’ve been able to say Deez Nuts jokes to my chat and no one gets their feelings hurt. They respond back with new jokes and it’s just a fun time altogether. 

Now, what about the worst memory that you have with your audience (if any?)

Not necessarily hate with my community, but I have been hate raided a couple times before. I would hear racial slurs being thrown at me and unfortunately I would have to block or ban all of them. 

Other times, I’ve had people in other communities try to use me giving me “conditional support”. It was along the lines of “I’ll support you if you support me trying to pursue your friend who’s a bigger streamer”. 

Do you like to stay on top of trending games as you stream, or do you prefer doing your own thing?

In the beginning I was very much trying to do trending games like Fall Guys, Among Us, and Valorant to an extent. Eventually as I continued to stream, I wanted to play games I enjoy while still being able to talk with my chat and throw jokes. I think in the beginning I played those trending games just for the hope of discoverability, but these days I think just because of my humor and joke making, people seem to enjoy my streams more now. 

Is there anything you’d like to add to this interview? Anyone you’d like to shout out?

First and foremost thanks for interviewing me! I had a lot of fun and I appreciate you taking the time out to ask me about my experiences! I stream Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday! If you like Pokemon content, come pop by my stream and say hi! 

Twitch: itsthego

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