Interview with Indie Game Dev Slug Glove, the Creator of Pep-Pel, by All Ages of Geek

Interview with Indie Game Dev Slug Glove the Creator or Pep-Pel!

Welcome to our interview with Slug Glove, the indie game developer behind some exciting and unique projects. SlugGlove’s main game, Pep-Pel, is a captivating momentum platformer that defies gravity and conventional game mechanics. In this interview, we’ll dive into Slug Glove’s creative process, inspirations, and future goals. We’ll also explore the advice Slug Glove has for aspiring game developers and how you can support their work. So, let’s get started and learn more about the world of Slug Glove IndieDev!

1. Tell us about your games. What inspires your work?

My main game is Pep-Pel which is a fun momentum platformer. The main inspiration was wanting to code specific ideas I thought would be difficult and fun to do, like ‘it should would be fun to make a 2d game where you can run on any surface’ and then the whole game just became adding any mechanic or system I felt would be fun to make I think that kind of design is alot of fun for me. Adding whatever is the most engaging for me at the moment to code.

2. What piece of advice would you give to someone who wants to do what you do?

Just do whatever you think is fun and not worry about what will be popular or sell well. I think focusing on if a game will be popular is the fastest way to lose my interest in a project, I think it is much more engaging to just create whatever feels fun for you

3. Goals for 2024?

┐⁠(⁠‘⁠~⁠`⁠;⁠)⁠┌ Make more game forever Right now I am making a very very weird complex game (for multiple reasons) it is pretty ambitious system for a game I have not seen before and also requires alot of hand drawn aniamtion, so it will certainly take a while to make but so far I am really happy with it~ I would also like to get into making my own music

4. What is your biggest success story?

I think finishing my game Pep-Pel was a big success for me. I am very very proud with the level of quality and detail I was able to add to the game, especially since I made the game (excluding music and voice acting) all by myself

5. Where can folks support your work?

BUY MY GAME ITS LIKE $2 BUY MY GAME … Maybe check out ‘Pep-Pel’ on steam or itch io if you want to play a platformer. I am also on most social medias as ‘SlugGlove‘ and I post regular devlogs on YouTube. Idk just search SlugGlove and develop a parasocial relationship with me

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