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We Interviewed Streamer & Artist GigiMARZ!

We had the pleasure of chatting with streamer and artist GigiMARZ! Check it out to learn more about their streams and art!

1. What’s the best part of streaming? / Goals

honestly the community, I’ve been so honored and proud of the community i have built up as a streamer. I’m mostly an art streamer and i mostly focus on my own works (Original character work and lore building) and within the year and a bit i have been streaming people within my community have become so invest in the characters i have been creating.

i mostly used to use streaming as a way to hold myself accountable with art and to better myself and now I’m just doing it for the pure joy it brings when people want to hangout and chat.

I as well enjoy how many new connections i have made as a streamer, all the new friends and opportunities i have been allowed to participate in, this is something i don’t think i ever thought i would be able to partake in period, but now i have these wonderful opportunities it feels wrong not to pursue them and see what happens, cause even if they fall flat i know I’ve at least learned something substantial 

tbh this kinda falls into question 2 of “goals for streaming” there aren’t exactly goals because i see streaming as a fun hobby to keep me accountable to finish my work lol XD BUT i have other goals around it now, working on my indie comic, and working within that’s sphere of content would be fantastic. It’s like deep down my goal as a streamer is to get more eyes on my work and meet more people and see what opportunities will open as i continue to push myself

2. Tell us about your art!

What’s my art? that’s honestly a good question, it is most certainly UNIQUE. I take a lot of inspiration from late 70s- late 90s anime, mixed with a ton of urban art with a twist of old school Sega dreamcast and early PlayStation vibes (jet set radio, sonic adventure, final fantasy, low poly etc) WHICH IS REALLY FUNNY because i draw mostly romance, i love drawing romantic scenes especially with my 2 main original characters. 

as well I mostly draw, fantasy characters. which seem to be a good juxtaposition to the style i draw with, illustration work as well is mostly my form of art, i want to get better at comic paneling but MAN do i love a giant illustrated spread (if only i could get better at backgrounds, but that comes with time and I’ve only been doing digital art for about 3 and a half years)

 3. Advice to new streamers?

best advice i can give to new streamers, you don’t have to blow your budget for streaming, please PLEASE PLEASE i can’t stress this enough, see streaming as a hobby and if that means your streaming from your laptop with a yeti blue mic then so be it and MAKE IT WORK!! don’t spend out of your means to hope you get in any way shape or form “fame”. 

i have seen several people spend out of their means for everything to fall flat and its HEART WRENCHING, you don’t even need an expensive Vtuber rig, I’m an artist and i made my own PNGtuber, and i have been slowly updating my streams as I’ve been going with it, yeah things are still rudimentary but i make it work and i always have fun with my community. when you have the funds to upgrade stuff do it slowly

as well, Streaming is taxing on your body and mind, people seem to not get that but talking and keeping conversations going for over 4 hours plus STRESSES your body, so be kind to yourself

4.Thoughts on All Ages of Geek

I think what you and your website is doing is great! it’s nice seeing websites support the little guy, the indie scene, cause that’s where the future is heading now, the indie uprising is happening and I’m so excited to see how it pans out for us 

so keep up the good work and keep spreading the good word about all of us!

6. Where can people find my work?

so my streaming name is gigiMARZ, that’s been my artist handle for years I currently i have a very active Twitter or X account under the name GigiMarvels I have a bluesky under gigiMARZ a Tumblr under GigiMarvels where i post longer form text based context for characters i have made and their lore and that’s everywhere you can find me that is active 

7.What are you currently working on!

what am i working on, i have been for a year been working on a indie romance/action adult based fantasy comic about the world of Fae creatures who return to reclaim earth after the death of humanity and magic was able to heal itself

i dont have much on it other then A LOT of OC art of my 2 main characters and most of the side characters but hopefully once i wrangle in my ADHD just a bit more i can finally put my nose to the grindstone and get out these 2 chapters that i have hard written just now in need of illustrations


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