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Interview with Antonia Marquee: Creator of the “Galaxy-Boy Delivery” Theme Song

Antonia Marquee is the creator of the Galaxy-Boy Delivery theme song. In this interview we chat all about her creative journey and learn more about how she stays so positive!

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What inspires your work?

Peace inspires everything I do. Putting peace behind my actions makes everything feel like purpose and not work. With peace, there is always a muse!

You are truly a ray of sunshine on the internet. How do you stay so positive? What drives you?

Thank you so much! ???? I stay positive by being authentic! When I’m struggling, sad or overwhelmed I take time to feel it. When we feel our feelings we don’t suppress them and there is no blockage. We feel so much better when we release. And then we’re able to carry on and be our best versions of us. Gratitude also helps me stay positive and drives me because it helps me to do my best to not take any second for granted and spread all the light I can while I’m here in the now. Love ultimately drives me.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to new musicians?

Don’t be afraid to get weird! Take a chance. Be yourself. Jump in and don’t doubt yourself. Enjoy the process of growing and going through the journey. The “weird” things that musicians do end up being our favorite parts of a song! Stay true to you and don’t compare. Just inspire and be inspired.

What is your biggest success story?

My biggest success story above all else is loving myself. Learning to love myself and my journey started very early on in my life and stemmed through hardships. It’s my biggest success because it is of the highest value in my eyes. It helps bring success in other areas of my life. It also helps me to inspire others to start their self love journey. And when people say I have inspired them in any way…that is magic.

What are you goals?

I have many goals! I want to write a book! I want to start an organization! Start a clothing company! Start a family and buy a house! I want to continue dedicating my life to love and see where it leads me!

Where can people support your work?

People can support me by listening to my album “RAINBOW” on Spotify, following me on social platforms under AntoniaMarquee (most active on TikTok and youtube), by purchasing a custom song from me on Fiverr (Fountainantonia), or just simply by helping me spread love and peace by being an example of it.

Tell us something fun about yourself!

Something fun about myself is that I LOVE altering clothing! I am not a seamstress or anything but I use alternative ways to customize clothing that doesn’t require sewing! I love it!

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