Indie Game Focus: Drag Race RTX

Hey app fans! Are you looking for a new fast paced app to download and play on your days off?
Check out Drag Racing RTX! This app is available for both android and iphones! Let’s chat all
about what they have to offer.

“A One-of-a-Kind Game That Offers Drag Race Excitement at Your Fingertips. Drag Race RTX is a racing game where you can participate in drag races with other racers. You can play with a variety of different cars, which are divided into four categories: supercars, sports cars, muscle cars, and classic cars. Each category has unique features, so if you want to do well in drag racing, you must know what kind of car you want to drive before you start playing.”

This app is perfect for anyone looking to add a fast paced game to their phone. Not only do you
get to participate in drag races with other racers but you also get to customize what type of car
you want to use. Supercars, sports cars, muscle cars, and classic cars! This makes the game
different for every gamer making it even more desirable to download!

Easy to use controls, fast paced gameplay, and perfect soundtrack, Fast Highway Car RTX truly
has it all. This app is perfect for your everyday commute, days off, and more! Be sure to check
out Fast Highway Car RTX on both the Google Play Store and App Store!

Get the game:

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