Indie Game Feature: Star Forces – Space Fight RTX

Love space action simulators? How about easy to use mobile apps? All Ages of Geek is
here to bring you a review of Star Forces – Space Fight RTX. This game will bring about
memories to games such as Star Fox from Nintendo or Asteroids by Atari. Space lovers
and gamers who love to pilot ships and escape into these types of simulators will be
playing for hours. Why? Well in this review you’ll see.

First off a blurb about Star Forces – Space Fight RTX!

“A spaceship action simulator like you’ve never seen before. Pilot ships, destroy
enemies and team up with other players in this space games shooter. Blast past danger
zones, complete missions and mine gold and crystals. Modernize and upgrade your
starship fleet and dominate epic battles at the edge of the universe!”

A free to play game and for an all age player level, Star Forces – Space Fight RTX will
prove to gamers that Low Poly UI games have a casual appeal and charm. The simple
designs make the blaster functionality stand out making the gameplay easy to build up
your reflexes. The realistic game sounds immerse you within space and makes the
game environment fun to fly through rings and collect power-ups and blasters.

Players will also think of the fan favorite game Kingdom Hearts when flying through
rings, or even the Spyro Trilogy. It’s a fun game to play alone or with friends who love to
simulate themselves into space and another universe.

Pilot your way through a different world and get ready for a space fight as you join the
Star Forces and prove how awesome you are on this side of the universe, together.
Download on the App Store of Google Play today!

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