Indie Game Feature: Journey RTX – Flippy Runner

Journey RTX – Flippy Runner is a must download app for anyone who is looking for a
little thrill in their life! This app increasingly gets harder and harder as you progress in
the game. But what is it all about?

“With Journey RTX – Flippy Runner tour journey that begins calmly will accelerate and
become more fun! Let’s take a long trip in the world of Flippy Runner. Get through
obstacles quickly and try to get the highest score! Drive throw the shape, try multiple
cars driving throw longer maps. Try your best and go throw the adventure together with
your friends, past throw the 4 different maps.Journey RTX – Flippy Runner will be
updated constantly. Please rate and give your feedback for further improvement of the

Journey RTX – Flippy Runner is a perfect for fans of classic app games like Temple run!
You have to be ready for the speed to increase as you progress in the game.The great
part about this app is you get to choose from fifteen characters. This makes each
gamer’s experience different!

Will you be able to survive the world of Journey RTX – Flippy Runner? Will you beat
your scores? Download Journey RTX – Flippy Runner today!

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