“in/habitants” Episode One “It wasn’t my fault” Review

“in/habitants” a new comic all about the reality of surviving is now available on WEBTOON. You can learn more about who they are HERE! Episode one “It wasn’t my fault” follows Helen, a young girl figuring out how to survive in the world. But what happens next?

The episode opens up with Helen, a young girl who has silver shoulder length hair, bright piercing eyes and fair skin. She is getting ready for her job at Victory Drink & Food. Once she arrives she gets dressed and starts to work. Two young men approach her and begin to harass her. Episode one of this amazing comic truly showcases real life events that many novels and comics avoid having in their story. This truly brings awareness to what can happen behind the scenes at work. Helen defends herself and the two drinks she was holding spill hitting another customer. Destroying his expensive jacket the customer demands Helen to pay for his two thousand dollar coat.


The owner of the restaurant Robbie brings Helen in the back room. He calms her down and tells her they have to figure out a way to pay back for the jacket. Stressed out, Helen leaves and makes her way home. This thrilling episode leaves the readers questioning how Helen will make her money back. Will she ever be able to pay back that angry customer? The art truly illustrates how stressed Helen is. With amazing colors and line work anyone who loves comics and anime styled characters will appreciate what “in/habitants” has to offer.

Helen soon notices an account on her social media following her all about feet making money. She soon gets involved in this world to make money for that coat. Days pass and Helen gains a fan who wants her to take pictures while driving. Attempting to do this she crashes her car into another expensive car and the Episode ends there.

“in/habitants” Episode one truly gets you into the mind of Helen. Desperate to survive and pay back the man, she involves herself in a not so safe environment. Will Helen have the money to pay back the customer? Will she now have to pay for the car too? “in/habitants” Truly leaves the reader questioning what is next while showcasing the struggles those of lesser ‘status’ experience day by day.

Website – https://inhabitants.zone/

Webtoon Series – https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/inhabitants/list?title_no=782434

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