Humble Creator Podcast Interviews Ruth Burotte

A New creator jumps onto the Humble Creator Podcast for an interview. Humble Creator Podcast is hosted by Mikel Miles. This podcast brings light and a platform for creators to talk about their work. Humble Creator Podcast showcases the work of  Youtuber, Entrepreneurs, Illustrators, Musicians, and many other creatives. Today Humble Creator Podcast interviews Ruth Burotte.

Ruth Burotte talks about her artwork, experience with Nike Workshop, meeting Katsuhiro Otomo & Pharell and more. Humble Creator Podcast is a great place to go if you are interested in learning more about Ruth Burotte and her work.



Ruth Burotte is a Haitian-American New World School of the Arts graduate in Art & Technology. Born in Queens NY, then raised in Forest Park Georgia, to living in Miami. She works in mediums such as illustration, painting, motion design and animation. Her focus is character design with inclusions of story-telling. Ruth has been involved in local urban art projects to lead communities in a new cultural direction.

After moving to Miami, she saw a difference in city culture and soon became a part of collectives by becoming an Art Director of Youth Concept Gallery. During her freshman year of college, she was the youngest artist to ever be commissioned by Broward County for public art which started her interest in working on public art projects. In June 2018, Ruth represented Miami in a brand collaboration with Adidas originals where she traveled to Europe for the POD SYSTEM campaign where artists designed a POD adaptation that represented major cities they resided in. This pushed her artwork to enhance her interest in streetwear fashion and sneaker culture.

Follow Ruth Burotee Twitter: Rutamfi & Instagram: Rutamfi


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