Homeless Friends Review

NFTs are slowly taking over the internet. New creators jump into the metaverse and showcase
their work, ideas, and views. Photography, graphic art, traditional art, the possibilities of what an NFT can be are ever expanding. Today we are going to chat all about Homeless Friends NFT. Let’s chat all about what they are doing for the metaverse, the world, and where you can
support them.

Calling all collectors! Homeless Friends NFT’s are a new collection ready to help the world. But
what are they all about? This collection aims to help those who are affected by homelessness.
20% of mint and 30% of yearly royalties will be donated to homeless charities, projects and
foundations, chosen by the Homeless Friends NTF community. If you are interested in helping
them decide who to work with, consider following them on Twitter and joining their Discord
Server. As they grow they also plan to donate 30% of mint and 50% of yearly royalties to
mothers struggling with homelessness.This amazing project is on a mission to change the

Holders and collectors looking to add cartoon styled NFTs to their gallery need to check out this amazing project. With bright saturated designs and amazing line work, fans of Family Guy and the classic cartoon The Wild Thornberrys will especially love their designs. Not only do they have original characters, this collection also offers amazing lifetime royalties. Let’s chat about this!

These lifetime royalties are offered to holders of the Homeless Friends NFT. But how does it
work? Everytime an NFT is resold the original minter will receive a percentage from this sale.
Check out this infographic for an example:

Alongside their amazing royalties their gas fees will be MUCH lower than older ETH contracts.
They also plan on doing giveaways as they grow. For example at 75% sold they plan on doing
a $1,000 giveaway! Unlike some projects Homeless Friends NFT wants you to be the sole
owner. When you purchase an NFT you will be the sole owner of the NFT and the art
associated with that NFT. “Subject to ownership, you are guaranteed a royalty-free license to
use, reproduce, display and animate your NFT for both personal and commercial use.”

This project is a must for every collector. Do not wait to learn more about their exciting work.
Check out their link to learn more about who they are, how they are supporting the homeless,
and their designs. Support them today! You will not regret it.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HomelessFriend1
Discord: https://discord.gg/MPh5kTsVqd

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