All Ages of Geek Helluva Boss Character Rankings According to Reddit

Helluva Boss Character Rankings According to Reddit

Fan of Helluva Boss? Part of the Helluva Boss fandom? We’re diving into the infernal pit that is Reddit to uncover what the fans—yes, you guys—are saying about this fiendishly good show created by the one and only Vivienne Medrano, aka VivziePop. But before we descend, let’s address the infernal elephant in the room: VivziePop knows how to create characters that spark the imagination, controversy, and sometimes, just the tiniest bit of hellish discourse.

Read Helluva Boss’ SubReddit’s Opinions in the link above

The Helluva Boss subreddit is, without a doubt, a hotbed for debates. We got users like Purpledurpl202 claiming, “Loona is overrated and Stolas is overhated,” and then whooper1 coming in hot with a simple, “Neither are true?” However, both characters have their legions of fans and haters, which is a testament to VivziePop’s ability to create characters that evoke strong reactions. Remember, a character worth hating is a character worth watching.

Now, let’s talk about JokerCipher’s meticulous ranking of characters from “Great” to “Bad.” We see Blitzo, Moxxie, Stolas, and Fizzarolli clinching top spots. Ah yes, Blitzo, our anti-hero Imp with the proverbial heart of gold (and a few daggers). Stolas, the prince who steals the show with his charisma. And let’s not forget Fizzarolli, the chaotic clown who’d give Pennywise a run for his money.

Fans also have some nuanced opinions on the matter. They rightly point out that the main cast’s individual arcs and relationships are among the best parts of the show. Stolas and Blitzo’s complicated relationship has many layers while Moxxie’s growing character depth shows VivziePop’s storytelling mastery. We’re all here for character development that could turn a demon into an angel.

And let’s talk about Millie for a moment. Opinions are polarized. Ok-Consideration1762 thinks the Millie disrespect is “absolutely crazy,” while Jackgoshisimp040921 isn’t afraid to say that they don’t dig Millie or Moxxie at all. There’s a thin line between love and hate.

In a nutshell, Helluva Boss has successfully incited a fiery debate among fans. That’s what great shows do; they make you feel something. Even if that feeling is an overwhelming desire to defend or decry a fictional character as if they were a close family member who borrowed your car and crashed it into a fire hydrant.

So what’s the consensus here? There isn’t one. And that’s what makes Helluva Boss a slice of Hell worth visiting. Here for Loona’s bad-girl charm, Stolas’ forbidden allure, or Blitzo’s dashing unpredictability? That’s what makes Helluva Boss, well, a helluva show?

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