Going All Out: Batman Arkham Asylum

by: @DemonofEmpireYT

The Batman Arkham Series was the epitome of Open World Gaming when its first entry came out in 2009. While most games nowadays tend to be rushed and unfinished, Batman Arkham Asylum was just the opposite as the team at Rocksteady did not pull its punches. With its memorable Combat System, Stealth Mechanics, Navigation, and Collectables, Arkham Asylum served as a springboard from which the Batman Arkham Series took off.

When starting out a series of games, it’s always important to start it off on solid ground. Unlike Assassin’s Creed CLASSIC which suffered from repetitive gameplay, Batman Arkham Asylum possesses a variety of different scenarios for the player to contend with. These scenarios involve climbing, gliding, fighting off large groups of unarmed enemies, taking down armed enemies while using stealth, boss fights, using gadgets to navigate as well as the Batman’s Cowl to reach and complete various objectives.

Of course no Triple-A open-world game would be complete without collectables. In the case of Batman Arkham Asylum you had Chattering Joker Teeth, Various Riddler Trophies, Riddles, Patient Interview Tapes, and Spirit of Arkham Messages. Of course In-Game Collectables don’t really mean much without purpose to them. In Batman Arkham Asylum, the collectables do indeed have purposes to each of them.

The Patient interview tapes in particular provide lore to the various major villains of the Batman Arkham-Verse, Joker Teeth give free experience, and finding all Riddler trophies and Riddles leads to the eventual capture of the Riddler offscreen which can be heard via audio comms. The sheer amount of effort put into the collectables alone was ridiculous to say the least, and that’s just what happens when a gaming studio goes all out and doesn’t pull their punches.

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