Geeky Conventions And Events In Georgia That Will Make You Consider A Move There

Everybody has a hobby that allows them to pass the time or waste time they maybe don’t have! However, hobbies are enjoyable and calming, and you can pick up new skills and meet intriguing people. We don’t all need to share the same interests. Take the hobby of rock collecting. While many others find it endlessly fascinating, other people could find that kind of thing boring. Visit an online rock-collecting community if you’re unsure. If you identify as a geek or nerd, you most likely already have a few fun hobbies that you love. You probably want to diversify your interests, though, for a few distinct reasons. Perhaps no one you know is interested in the same things you are, so you would like to be able to talk to individuals about things they are also interested in. You might want to take up an outdoor activity or a social activity as a pastime. Maybe all you need is a break from your regular schedule. Whatever your motivation is, we’ve put down together some geeky conventions and events that are taking place in different places across Georgia, so if you’re luckily happening to be there, visiting them is definitely worth it. We guarantee that they will make you consider a move there.

Dragon Con

Each year during Labor Day weekend, Atlanta plays host to Dragon Con, the world’s biggest fan-run, multi-genre, pop culture conference, spanning five hotels and a gigantic marketplace (AmericasMart). Since its inception in 1987, the group’s membership has skyrocketed from an initial 1200 to an incredible 85,000+ people. Many people even buy a house in Georgia to be closer to Dragon Con, believe it or not. There are many exciting events for the geek community to enjoy at Dragon Con, including panels on virtual reality, hacking, drone law, astrobiology, the future of science fiction, and high-voltage toy creation. The greatest care has been taken to include even the most obscure references to films, TV shows, books, video games, and other forms of popular culture from years gone by. 

You may tailor your experience to your own interests by choosing from a wide variety of options. As the convention occupies five hotels and those hotels are off-limits to anybody who isn’t attending Dragon Con, the hotels become the nightlife hubs of the city every night. Parties may take place in guests’ rooms, in the hotel’s main lobby, or during DJ sets in the ballrooms. 

There is also Dragon Con TV- a convention-wide streaming service that airs programming created just for Dragon Con. Live coverage of panels, music videos, sketches, and parodies are just some of the shows you can watch on Dragon Con TV, which also has a wide variety of other instructive and entertaining content. If you have the time, you may also see the Palmetto Knights Tournaments, the Georgia Philharmonic Orchestra playing familiar pieces, or Twisted Toonz, a live movie read that has a cast of actors imitating the voices of renowned cartoon characters.

Computer Museum of America

The Computer Museum of America is most likely the best attraction for technology nerds in Atlanta. One of the best collections of computers, technology, and items from the Digital Revolution is housed in this museum near Roswell. The opportunity to examine technologies from the abacus to supercomputers will be provided. They have a ton of intriguing and uncommon items, like an original Apple 1 and an almost flawless German Enigma machine. Also, there is a retro gaming arcade where you can play classic games on the original consoles. And keep an eye out for their Bytes & Brews event, which is only open to adults 21 and older.

The CMoA has, over the course of the previous several years, kept up with the process of properly preserving our collection while simultaneously working on exciting plans to make it accessible to a wider audience. They presented temporary pop-up exhibitions, such as LINK – The History of the PC and The Apple Pop-Up. These displays brought history to life by spotlighting items as well as tales, and they allowed them to collect input that they incorporated into their plans to relocate to a permanent building.

Geek Trivia at Ray’s Pizza

Geek trivia nights at Ray’s Pizza in Midtown Atlanta take place every Tuesday night. Topics of the trivia questions might range from PCs and Star Wars to chemistry and physics. Don’t bring any gadgets with you, including iPads, since they won’t tolerate any attempts at cheating. Pizza from Ray’s is delicious, and the speed of the game is exciting. Come try your luck every week at Ray’s, where the winners get house cash. You can also play vintage arcade games and listen to fantastic live bands. The location in the heart of Midtown makes it a nerd’s dream.

Anime Weekend Atlanta

Anime Weekend Atlanta, a four-day event honoring its 20th anniversary, is devoted to Japanese animation, comics, art, and video games. AWA hosts a ton of talks, cosplay competitions, gaming tournaments, and musical events almost constantly. There will be panels and advice sessions with voice actors from anime and video games. You and your friends can put on the latest Dragonslayer outfits and go together. There you will find many people who think alike and you can find many new friends. 

Delta Flight Museum

Since it opened in 1995, the Delta Flight Museum has welcomed guests from all corners of the globe, giving them the opportunity to learn about the history of aviation, celebrate the stories and people of Delta, and discover the possibilities of the future of aviation. The museum had a significant restoration a few years ago, which transformed it into a top-of-the-line destination that provides aviation fans of all ages with interesting displays and interactive programs.

The 68,000-square-foot, cutting-edge attraction is located in the center of Delta’s Atlanta headquarters. It is an ideal destination for a day trip with family and friends, as well as for school groups and other types of organizations. In addition, the location is available for rental for a variety of special events, such as corporate gatherings, conferences, and weddings. Within a mile of the world’s largest and busiest airport, the Museum is a one-of-a-kind site that combines the splendor of the past with the conveniences of the present.

Fernbank Museum of Natural History

A visit to the Fernbank Museum of Natural History is like taking a trip to another era and location. A trip to Fernbank provides a one-of-a-kind chance to explore the historical sites of people throughout the globe, appreciate science and wonder at the biggest dinosaurs ever unearthed, and experience the excitement of a film in the Huge Screen Theater. Since it is open every day from 10 in the morning until 5 in the evening, Fernbank is fantastic for trips with families as well as for those who are into nerdy things.

Get some fresh air and explore the great outdoors with 75 acres of trails through old-growth forests, adventures in the treetops, hands-on displays on wildlife for kids, and other fun activities. Stop by Fernbank’s Big Screen Theater to see a film in 2D or 3D on one of the biggest movie screens, focusing on topics including the environment, science, and culture. You may find information about the Museum’s special forest tours, family event days, innovative programming, Fernbank After Dark adult science evenings, touring exhibitions, and Giant Screen film schedule on the website. Your parking fee will not be charged.

Nature Quest

NatureQuest is a forward-thinking children’s section of the museum that allows visitors to engage with real animal habitats and investigate ecosystems that may be found all throughout the state and even in their own backyards. An engaging experience for the entire family is provided through NatureQuest’s multilayer clubhouse, which has activities that children of all ages may participate in using their hands.


You may locate Columbus State University just outside of Atlanta, which is home to “Campus Nerds,” which is widely regarded as the best student-run group at any institution in the United States. This group of organizers is responsible for putting up NerdaCon every year, which is attended by close to 20,000 people who like hanging out with others who share their interests in comics, technology, and art. In November, you will have the opportunity to indulge your inner nerd at NerdaCon, whether you participate in the costume contest, watch all of the anime, or sit in on the group meetings. It would be a shame to miss out.

Throughout the course of the NerdaCon conference, there are numerous activities that take place, such as tournaments for board games, trading cards, and video games, as well as a costume contest to determine who has the greatest Cosplay. NerdaCon also provides its attendees with a variety of special visitors, a viewing area for anime, various panel rooms covering a wide range of themes, and a vendor hall including a large number of artists and exhibitors selling their wares.


The second-largest and oldest metropolis in Georgia, Augusta is located along the banks of the Savannah River. It is about 150 miles from Atlanta and situated in the exact center of Georgia. There are numerous sites in addition to its extensive historical ones that may be of interest to you. You are most likely interested in Augustacon, where a lot of comic book fans can discover something to their liking. Although it doesn’t have the same scope as conventions like Comic-con, you will still discover a lot of interesting things. You should follow them on social media because they will soon have guest authors and voice actors so that you can stay updated.

Atlanta Mini Maker Faire

Among the many exciting annual events in Atlanta, the Georgia Mini Maker Faire stands out. The attendees of this event take their roles as inventors and tech fans very seriously. Stop over and check out what folks have been working on; attendance is free and open to anybody interested. It might be anything from a computer to a wooden bicycle. The brilliant contributions made by people of all ages will astound you.

Enchanted Woodland Trial

The eighth-largest city in Georgia is Roswell, which is also the location of numerous notable occasions and locations that you can have a look at. The Enchanted Woodland Trial, which is currently taking place, is one event that can pique the interest of many tourists who enjoy mysticism. It began on December 11 and runs until February 28. The fact that this location is already an adventure is fantastic for travelers that want to visit. You should be aware of the many man-made structures as you go about and consider their aesthetic beauty. The Chattahoochee Nature Center’s magical walking trail was built by fairies, gnomes, and other mythical beings.


The first and only science fiction and fantasy convention exclusively focused on cardboard costumes is called Cardboard*Con. Cardboard*Con, which spans more than 3 downtown Atlanta hotels, has become a yearly event for all nerds who enjoy having fun. You cannot find this in many locations around the world, therefore it will undoubtedly be a unique experience. The event is renowned for drawing some of the world’s most skilled cardboard customers. Simply grab some cardboard and tape and box yourself in instead of using the latex and other supplies that other conventions employ.

There is really something special about Georgia. There are a number of science fiction conferences held annually, with the largest being Dragon Con, which has seen phenomenal growth in recent years. People may relax in the company of others who share their interests, take a break from their regular lives, and focus on what they care about. In 2016, Atlanta was recognized as the “Nerdiest City in the USA” by Movoto, a real estate blog, while Marietta was recently recognized as America’s “Nerdiest Small City.” It really seems that Georgia’s geeks and nerds are living in a golden era. Whatever option from our list you choose for visiting, a memorable experience is guaranteed.

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