Geeks of New Jersey: Ghostbusters NJ is New Jersey’s Own Supernatural Squad

Welcome to a unique exploration of the supernatural with Ghostbusters NJ, a group that’s keeping the spirit (pun intended) of the iconic movie franchise alive while diving into New Jersey’s own paranormal mysteries.

A Spectral Journey in the Garden State

  • Paranormal Adventures: Armed with gadgets and a love for all things spooky, Ghostbusters NJ investigates haunted hotspots across New Jersey. Their escapades take them to some of the most eerily fascinating locations in the state.
  • Geek Culture Alive: More than just ghost hunters, they embody a love for the Ghostbusters franchise, blending pop culture with paranormal investigation. This makes them a unique presence in New Jersey’s geek culture scene.
  • Community Engagement: Ghostbusters NJ isn’t just about chasing ghosts; they’re about building a community. They bring together fans of the supernatural, Ghostbusters enthusiasts, and curious New Jersey locals.

Beyond the Ectoplasm

  • Events and Gatherings: Ghostbusters NJ is known for their appearances at local events, bringing a blend of entertainment, education, and community engagement.
  • A Blend of Fact and Fiction: They approach the paranormal with a balance of serious investigation and the fun, quirky spirit of the Ghostbusters movies.

So, if you’re in New Jersey and intrigued by ghost stories or just a fan of Ghostbusters looking for like-minded folks, Ghostbusters NJ is your go-to group. Ready to explore the unknown, New Jersey style? Grab your proton pack, and let’s go ghost hunting!

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