Game Focus: Is Stallion Race Actually Fun?

Heyo, mobile game lovers and horse racing lovers! We got a new mobile game review for y’all today: Stallion Race created by mobile game developers Game Hollywood Hong Kong Limited, a subsidiary of Game Hollywood, Proficient City Lid. The most popular games Game Hollywood Hong Kong has previously published include Robot Tactics: Real Time Robots War and Bomb me Brasil.

Last week, AAOG’s very own Kasai filmed a play through on YouTube, which you can check out down below:

Kasai plays through Stallion Race [via YouTube]

As someone who quite literally knew nothing about the sport of horse racing (and was never particularly interested in learning more about it before going into this), I didn’t have the highest expectations going into this. To say that I was pleasantly surprised by my experience would be an understatement: I actually found myself easily engaging with the vast array of activities and challenges that were in the gameplay. From breeding horses, to training your jockey, to eating at high-end restaurants, to participating in mini-competitions and playing high-roller bets in casinos, there’s never a lack of things to do. The in-game activities also have a nice variety of appeal to different interests (in the video above, you can see Kasai loved shopping for new gear to customize her character and going to luxurious restaurants). The world is also pretty dang expansive for a mobile game and only gets bigger as you continue to level up and unlock new locations and races.

Now, down to the main business: the actual racing of the horses. How does one win races in this game and level up? Well, it definitely involves a combination of training your horses and jockey, maximizing their gains through strategic equipment purchases, and – of course – clever trading and breeding. While this all can sound quite complicated (especially to newbies of horse racing or just gaming in general aka ME), rest assured that it’s actually quite easy to get a handle on. The app provides a tutorial play through mode where you can get to know the layout of the game, race and to execute challenges, and learn how to breed horses all under easy direction.

To get an idea of how it all looks, definitely watch Kasai play (and win!) in the video above. For more information, check out the games website here.

Official Game Description:

“Stallion Race is a thrilling horse racing game that integrates training, strategy and competition. The game supports multi-language for English, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese (more languages will be added in the future). You will find world legendary horses, classic races and the world of horse racing and competition at your fingertips. Stallion Race is not only a race of speed and power but also a contest of wisdom and wealth. 
The high-definition 3D graphics will immerse you in the competition. Adapt your horse racing strategies and immerse yourself as a breeder, horse trainer, race manager, jockey and more!

Download Now to get FREE Rare Horses! 7 days limited only! Download to get the High-Value Giftpack! Gift code: STALLIONRACE 

– Breed the top horse in the race
The breeding center is a place where horse races are bred to breed ponies. Collect the “Gene Fragments” and “Gene Maps” to increase the chance to breed SSS Quality Horses. If you don’t have a suitable horse, you can buy a high-quality horse in the market. 

– Train your horse to be a champion
Understand your horses’ needs and train them to improve your power as an owner. Train your horses to join the competitions and meet the most intense challenges. In Stallion Race, you will become a horse racing tycoon and experience the real passion of equestrian competition.

– Race around the world
Create strategies based on the horses, tracks and jockeys. The world of Stallion Race has a variety of race types to participate in. If you want to be TOP, you cannot miss the Private Cup! Show your superior equestrian skills in the derby.

– Bet big and win BIGGER
A lot of different quizzes and mini-games are waiting for you! You will have the chance to win bonuses every 5 minutes in the simulated casino center. Players will be able to experience thrilling horse races anytime, anywhere.

More Details:
Facebook:” [via GooglePlay]

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