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What is the hashtag #galaxART? Galaxy-Boy Delivery, All Ages of Geek and Stec Studio’s upcoming VTuber kids show (web series) is always on the lookout to support other content creators. From VTubers to artists the VTuber duo hopes to deliver smiles across the internet and beyond. One form of creativity VTubers have expressed is art, both digital and traditional. That’s why Galaxy-Boy Delivery has launched #galaxART where artists of all sizes can share their art and fanart.

Below are some amazing art pieces from Twitter artists featuring VTubers Stilo and Korl.

Share your #galaxART with us and be featured on All Ages of Geek’s website!


Galaxy-Boy Delivery is a VTuber web-series featuring the space VTuber duo Stilo and Korl. The series, featured on All Ages of Geek’s YouTube Channel and website, will upload twice per week, with videos delivered to viewers in the form of vlogs, reactions, gameplays and discussion.

Join Stilo and Korl across the galaxy as they deliver all forms of packages, goods and smiles in their spaceship. As two kid-friendly VTubers, Galaxy-Boy Delivery will focus on life lessons, words of the week, and have family friendly values. The series is for ages 12 and up but can be enjoyed by the entire family.


Runaway prince Stilo Nikolas Malloy leaves his evil kingdom behind and flies into space on the kingdom’s spaceship to lead a better life. Undercover, he joins Galaxy-Boy Delivery Service and leads a humble life as a delivery boy. One fateful day his spaceship goes off course towards the Milky Way Ocean and BOOM it crashes. Stranded, Stilo then meets an aloof alien, Kezmoh Orion Raine Lunar known as Korl or The King by his peers. Korl grew up in the Milky Way Ocean that was soon destroyed by evil. In exchange for being able to leave the Milky Way Ocean alive, Stilo agrees to help Korl bring peace to the sea and hires Korl to work for Galaxy-Boy Delivery Service, as his partner.

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