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Hey there, it’s Tommi, your favorite Mom Blogger from “Geek Mom World”. I’m here to share with you some exciting news! I’m partnering with All Ages of Geek and fellow video game mom blogger, Marissa Lobo, to bring you something truly special. We’re creating free Lesson Plans based on children’s literature!

With every book “Galaxy-Boy Delivery” reviews or every author they interview, Marissa and I will be providing you with interactive Lesson Plans that are not only educational, but fun and exciting as well. These Lesson Plans are perfect for teachers and parents. They will include objectives, materials, resources, grade levels, duration of the lesson and activities, all designed to make learning a breeze.

We’re also making sure that these Lesson Plans are easy on your budget, so we’ve made them available as Easy Ink Printables for Budget-Friendly Ink and PDFs that can be downloaded for free on the Galaxy-Boy Delivery website. With our backgrounds in teaching and digital literacy, Marissa and I are excited to use our skills to improve All Ages of Geek’s children’s media content.

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One of the things Marissa and I love about working with All Ages of Geek is that they share our passion for providing kids with quality, educational content. With the growing demand for digital literacy skills, it’s essential that children are exposed to engaging and educational resources that help them develop these skills. That’s why I’m so excited when Galaxy-Boy Delivery launches because along with each episode Marissa and I will be creating lesson plans based on what Stilo and Korl discuss. And if you didn’t already know Galaxy-Boy Delivery is the cartoon series by All Ages of Geek, focusing on STEM, digital literacy, gaming, science and kids books!

Marissa and I both know firsthand how challenging it can be to find engaging and educational resources for kids, especially in the world of digital literacy. That’s why we’re thrilled to bring our expertise to All Ages of Geek and help make their content even more accessible to teachers, parents, and kids everywhere. These printables will be dynamic and interactive lessons that are easy to use and available for free (always).

Overall, Marissa and I are over the moon to be part of the All Ages of Geek team and can’t wait to share our passion for teaching digital literacy skills with teachers, parents, and kids all over the world. The future of digital literacy is looking brighter than ever, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it!

To start you off with a few Lesson Plans, provided below are 3 Free Lesson Plans based on the books I reviewed for our Valentine’s Day book round up!

Lesson Plans about Family Bonds, Love and Acceptance

Download the FREE LESSON PLANS here!

The reason we chose these books was due to Valentine’s Day! Many of the lesson plans will have similar themes, but different activities. These are great for Valentine’s Day lessons without just making your school celebrations about sweet treats! We hope to provide themed Lesson Plans for every holiday or event to keep learning fun, but most importantly educational!

“Family is Love: Celebrating Love and Kindness with And Tango Makes Three” is a lesson plan that celebrates love and kindness and promotes inclusiveness in families. This lesson plan will explore the themes of family, love, and acceptance through the heartwarming story of And Tango Makes Three by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell.

“Building a Beautiful Family: A Lesson on Stella Brings the Family” is a lesson plan that focuses on the importance of family and the unique ways that families can come together. This lesson plan is based on the book Stella Brings the Family by Miriam B. Schiffer and focuses on the theme of family and the love that binds families together.

“Diversity in the Family: A Creative Exploration with The Family Book” is a lesson plan that promotes creativity and encourages students to explore diversity in families. This lesson plan is based on The Family Book by Todd Parr. Art activities are also included!

Download the FREE LESSON PLANS here!

A STEM-based Kids Show Coming from All Ages of Geek

I am so excited to share that in 2023, All Ages of Geek and Stec Studio are in predevelopment of a new series called “Galaxy-Boy Delivery”! This show (which I was lucky enough to be an early-access reviewer of) is sure to be a hit with its focus on STEM. It’s not just entertainment, but a valuable resource for parents and caregivers who want to provide their children with engaging and educational content. I’m counting down the days until the premiere and I know my boys are too!

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